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  • No Photo Different Types Of Optic Neuropathy [PDF]    By: Divya Narayan

    Any damage to the optic nerve is termed as optic neuropathy. Depending upon the causative agents involved, and the effects produced, different types of optic neuropathies are observed. >> Category: Healthcare
  • No Photo Bioactive Compounds and Health-Promoting Properties of Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)    By: Dr. Rahul Dev

    Grapeis one of the richest sources of biologically active compounds, like high levels of flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins and stilbene derivatives resveratrol are found in grape. However, among all bioactive compounds, polyphenols including flavonoids, stilbenes and proanthocyanidins are the most important class of biologically active compounds found in grapes. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Exploitation of Heterosis in Cucurbits    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Vegetables are Potential crops for improving nutrition, food security and also generate employment in the country (Rai and Yadav, 2005). Which are loaded with vitamins and minerals that contribute to growth and the maintenance of good health. It's act as a cheapest source of natural protective foods and its grown easily in different farming systems. In short, it is summarized that systematic recommendation are available to make vegetable culture more profitable and enjoyable (Rana, 2012). >> Category: Agriculture
  • Author Photo Breeding For Root Traits: Improving The Forgotten Trait    By: Om Prakash Patidar

    Roots are the very important component of the plant that helps in absorbing nutrients and water from the soil which ultimately determines the yield and productivity. But this trait is neglected in breeding programmes. It is important to genetically dissect this complex, multicomponent trait to develop elite varieties to meet food security and sustainable development. >> Category: Genetics
  • No Photo Biochromography - Ink Synthesized from Natural Sources    By: Divya Narayan

    Synthetic ink contains chemicals which can result in health and environmental hazards. Biochromography takes into account naturally sourced ink, resulting in minimal damage to health as well as being eco-friendly. >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Phytoantibiotics - Antibiotics Sourced from Plants [PDF]    By: Divya Narayan

    Conventional antibiotics have resulted in drug resistance due to rampant consumption as well as giving rise to side-effects. Phytoantibiotics or plant antibiotics can be regarded as a suitable alternative for therapeutic purposes. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • Author Photo Intelligent Nano-Fertilizers    By: Dr. Suresh Kaushik

    The plant needs different amount of nitrogen depending on its growth stage. Nitrogen-use efficiency for most crops ranges from 30 to 50 percent. A new generation of fertilizers will increase this efficiency from 30 percent to upwards of 80 percent. Smart biosensors and smart delivery systems will help in enhancing productivity in agriculture. Intelligent nano-fertilizers can reduce the amount of nitrogen lost during the crop production. >> Category: Nanotechnology
  • No Photo Evaluation of Germplasm for Identifying Disease Tolerant Donor    By: Dr. Manas Kumar Bag

    To cope up the present demand of production target and quality produces, trait specific crop improvement is imminent. Trait specific genes can be identified from rigorous evaluation of plant genetic resources. >> Category: Applications
  • No Photo Conservation Agriculture Adapts To And Mitigates Against Climate Change    By: Dr. Mandira Barman

    Conservation agriculture-based farming systems contribute to sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation and rural development. It can improve the efficiency of inputs, increase farm income, improve or sustain crop yields, and protect and revitalize soil, biodiversity and the natural resource base. Adoption of location-specific conservation agricultural practices is of utmost importance now-a-days. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and its Management    By: Divya Narayan

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is an extremely debilitating condition which prevents normal quality of life. However, varied therapies are now available to help control the intensity of the symptoms manifesting as gastrointestinal disorders. >> Category: Healthcare
  • No Photo Application of Lipopeptides in Agriculture    By: Ankit S. Patel

    Enormous use of harsh surfactants in agricultural soil and agrochemical industries so use of green compounds to achieve the sustainable agriculture is the present necessity. Biosurfactants which are reported to be produced by bacteria, yeasts, and fungi (Microorganisms) can serve as green surfactants. Biosurfactants are surface-active biomolecules produced by microorganisms. Lipopeptides are types of biosurfactants which have a number of biological activities, including antibiotic, antitumor, immune-modulating and immune-suppressive activities. Main examples of lipopeptides: Surfactin, Fengycins and Iturins. Application of Lipopeptides: As Antimicrobial agent: Antibacterial agent, Antifungal agent; As Biocontrol agent; In Biofilm Inhibition; In Bioremediation (Hydrocarbon degradation and Heavy metal tolerant); In Biodegradation of oil; As Anti-Adhasive potential; In Nanotechnology (nanoparticles synthesis). >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables    By: Jalpesh Patel

    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are accumulated in cell because of imbalance in production. ROS can cause severe damage to cell which sometimes leads to the death of the cell. Antioxidants which present in different fruits and vegetables have capacity to fight against these ROS. They improve immune function and lower the risk for infection, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The colours of fruits and vegetables are clues about the types of nutrients they provide. To get a variety of nutrients, eat a variety of colours. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Anthocyanins, Beta-carotene, Catechins, Ellagic acid, Lutein, Lycopene, Resveratrol. >> Category: Healthcare
  • Author Photo Soil Quality - Definition and Assessment    By: Rajendra Kumar Yadav

    Soil quality is a measure of the condition of soil relative to the requirements of one or more biotic species and or to any human need or purpose."Soil quality is the capacity of a specific kind of soil to function, within natural or managed ecosystem boundaries, to sustain plant and animal productivity, maintain or enhance water and air quality, and support human health and habitation." >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Leaf-Curl Disease on Brassicas in Delhi Environs: Warning of Climate Change    By: Dr. Manas Kumar Bag

    Fungal diseases like Alternaria blight and white rust are common problem of oilseed Brassica crop. But in recent years appearance of leaf curl disease on various Brassica spp. is an indication of climate change effect because the disease caused by Croton yellow vein mosaic virus, transmitted by white fly is not usual phenomenon in oilseed brassica. >> Category: Issues
  • No Photo Bioluminescence and Biolighting    By: Divya Narayan

    Bioluminescence is one of the most interesting and visually appealing natural phenomena serving purposes such as communication, camouflage, etc. Biolighting can be regarded as alternate, non-polluting, environmentally-friendly energy >> Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • No Photo Deficiency Symptoms of Micronutrients in Plants    By: Dr. Mandira Barman

    Deficiency symptoms of any essential nutrient can be useful in recognizing that something is wrong with the plant and can lead to the discovery of the cause. Micronutrient deficiencies are common in Indian soils which are leading to low yields, low mineral content in seed and fodders and thus adversely affecting plant, animal and human health. Therefore, indentifying the deficiency symptom of micronutrient in plant may be a key component in management of their deficiency in intensively cultivated soils. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Screening of Bacteria Producing Amylase and its Immobilization: A Selective Approach [PDF]    By: Debasish Mondal

    Bacillus sp produce amylase, so a selective approach was made to ease the screening of such stains from soil. Attempt was made to enhance the product by whole cell immobilization. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Soil Health- A Holistic Approach for Soil Management    By: Dr. Sunanda Biswas

    Soil health encompasses physical, chemical and biological attributes of soil involved in various soil functions. Soil health evaluation processes consist of stepwise actions viz. selection of soil health indicators, MDS formulation, interpretation of indices and on farm validation.. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Select Yeast Cells that Flocculate in Due Time    By: Debasish Mondal

    A new reliable statistical method is proposed to check the flocculation characteristics of brewers yeast and select the best strain which flocculate in due time for brewing purpose. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Isolation of Phosphatase Producing Microorganisms from Soil    By: Debasish Mondal

    An easy method was used in this experiment with reliable result and repeatability to obtain the most excellent bacterial isolates producing phosphatase >> Category: Applications
  • No Photo Bio Energy Crop: Cassava    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Energy is an important factor in our daily lives, helping to improve the quality of life and playing a significant role in the country's economic development. In particular, energy demand in India, where this study is conducted, has been increasing continuously together with the energy prices. Furthermore, India has to face the environmental impacts caused by energy usage, particularly the impact on climate change resulting from, for example, global warming. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Regulation of Flowering and Fruiting in Vegetable Crops Under Protected Cultivation    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    For the setting of fruits inside greenhouse or protected cultivation various techniques are used. From forgoing discussion, mostly in tomato at high humidity condition mostly use the blowers and PGRs for setting of fruits >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Roses for Home Gardening    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Rose is one of the most beautiful creations of nature and is universally acclaimed as queen of flowers. Apart from being admired for its beauty, rose is used in worship, garlands, bouquets, cut flowers, preserves and decorations, etc. Because of diversified growth habits, exquisite shape, variation in size and form, attractive colour, delightful fragrance and numerous varieties, roses have gained wide acceptability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Potpourri - A Viable Value Added Product    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Flowers are intricately linked in our day to day lives. They are source of inspiration and regarded as mind food for peace. The life of flowers is very short. To circumvent this problem flowers may be naturally dried or preserved in a number of ways like dried flowers in their original form, press dried flower and dried flowers used for porpourri. Potpourri is a blend of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent, mostly used indoors. It is usually placed in a decorative bowl, or tied in small sachet. Potpourri is used inside the home to give the air a pleasant smell. The word 'potpourri' comes into English from the French word 'pot-pourri.' For rotten pot. These natural air fresheners are enjoying new-found popularity today. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Fragrant Varieties of Rose    By: D. V. S. Raju

    In everyday life fragrance plays an important role in many biological functions. Flowers have been known for a long time to be source of sweet fragrance. For centuries roses have played an important role in human society. Their ornamental value is not only for their size and shape. The abundance of flowering and their fragrance have attracted attention. As plant breeding has evolved over the last centuries into a science rather than art, and plant production has become an industrial process, the focus has changed to plant production parameters rather than flower fragrance. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Value Addition in Rose    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Rose is one of the most beautiful creations of nature and is universally acclaimed as queen of flowers. Apart from being admired for its beauty, rose is used in worship, garlands, bouquets, cut flowers, preserves and decorations, etc. Because of diversified growth habit, exquisite shape, variation in size and form, attractive colour, delightful fragrance and numerous varieties, roses have gained wide acceptability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo New Stem Cell Technique for Tissue Repairing is about to be Launched    By: Betty Cummings

    New stem cell therapy with better effect and cheaper cost is about to go into clinical trial stages. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Advancements and Potential of Regeneration Biology    By: Kartik Juyal

    Ideas, advancements and potential of the field of regeneration biology. Regeneration biology deals with studies of renewal, restoration and growth in organism making them resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage to the organism. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Macro Propagation Technique for Rapid Multiplication of Banana    By: Thejangulie Angami

    The article focus on the rapid multiplication of Banana planting materials through simple macro-propagation technique at farm level thereby enhancing timely delivery of quality seedlings to the growers ensuring livelihood and economic sustainability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Applications of PGRs in Vegetables    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    The role of plant regulators in various physiological and biochemical processes in plants is well known. Growth regulators are known to affect, Seed germination, Seed dormancy, Vegetative growth, Nodulation, Tuberization, Fruit ripening and yield Hybrid seed production and Fruit setting and fruit size. >> Category: Agriculture

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Article: Applications of Animal Cell Culture Technique - Comment by: akash - 2016-05-25

really helpfull

Article: Phytoantibiotics - Antibiotics Sourced from Plants [PDF] - Comment by: Padmakumar - 2016-05-24

Very interesting article.

Article: Space Farming: A Step Towards Establishing the Space World - Comment by: Ravinder Kumar - 2016-05-18

Nice to see you here, good luck.

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Chakravarthy - 2016-05-16

Good Article which explain Baby Stages in Mothers womb.

Article: Difference Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic mRNA - Comment by: NELSON WILLIART - 2016-05-16

very helpful..dankie!

Article: Health Benefits of Passion Fruit - Comment by: Lucrecia Mahmood - 2016-05-10

Great Article. blog post - I am thankful for the information ! Does anyone know if I would be able to find a fillable NY DTF ST-330 form to work with ?

Article: Mapping Population: Types and Method of Production - Comment by: Mahantesh - 2016-05-08

Very nice and precise information thanks

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: harsh singla - 2016-05-07

Realy nice article.....great knowldge...and deaply.with very simple language

Article: Microbial Production of Vitamin B12 - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2016-05-06

Bulk commercial production of Vit B12 in India may boost if funding for development of scale up processes gets available; also there is need to investigate role of natural substrates and waste products other than those used in routine protocols as production resources to enhance production. Thanks.

Article: Importance of Microorganisms in the Ecosystem - Comment by: Deborah - 2016-05-01

That's really useful information! It is incredible to grasp the idea of microorganisms being so small yet they have shaped the human race history and their significance highly appreciated by humans.

Article: Microbial Inoculants: an Approach to Sustainable Agriculture - Comment by: Jitendra Ajagol - 2016-04-26

very informative and comprehensive information...............
thank you


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