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  • No Photo Genome Sequence of Potato Reveals Mechanism of Tuberization and Disease Resistance    By: Dr. Prasanta K. Dash

    The devastating disease of late-blight in potato has created havoc in history. However, the disease still prevails among the potato growing region of world and was difficult to be curtailed due to neopolyploidy nature and vegetative propagation of the crop. With decoding of the potato genome, understanding the molecular basis of the disease infestation as well as exploitation of biochemical pathways leading to tuberization will be accelerated for its varietal improvement. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase: A Mitochondrial Enzyme of Pyrimidine Biosynthesis    By: Sukumar Taria

    Most of the enzymes involved in the pyrimidine biosynthesis are cytosolic enzymes,but the reaction catalysed by the dihydroorotate dehydrogenase is the only mitochondrial enzyme present in the outer surface of the inner membrane. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Integrated Management of Litchi Fruit and Shoot Borer    By: Dr. Amrendra Kumar

    Litchi fruit and shoot borer is the most important pest of litchi fruits. It causes heavy economic loss to the growers. Once the fruit infested by pest it becomes unfit for consumption and processing. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Genomic Approaches to Impart Extended Shelf-life in Tomato    By: Dr. Prasanta K. Dash

    Enhancing shelf-life in tomato has been a long drawn effort among crop biologists. Though, moderate success has been accomplished in delaying ripening in tomato, it never met the market benchmark. Recently, Uluisik et al., in UK, through their path-breaking discovery, accomplished delayed ripening in tomato without compromising the marketable quality. This paper describes the mechanism and strategy used for developing delayed ripening tomato. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Water Quality for Poultry Birds    By: Dr. Anjali Kumari

    About the quality and components present in drinking water used for poultry birds. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Traits to Study Under Drought Stress in Wheat    By: Dr. R S Tomar

    Drought is a major constraint and environmental factor in limiting wheat productivity in many parts of the world particularly in rainfed agriculture. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Strategies to Increase Pulse Production Through New Technology Adoption    By: Dr. R S Tomar

    The changes in existing pulses production technology and implementation of the new ones can reduce the cost of production and hence prices, and create scope for further increase in demand for pulse crops >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Prospects of Bergenia : A medicinal herb (Pashanbhed)    By: Preeti Choudhary

    Bergenia is a small group of hardy perennials growing wild plant found from Afghanistan to southeast Tibet and the Himalayas. The rhizomes of these plants are used in the indigenous system of medicines, for therapy of cough and pulmonary diseases, to stop bleeding, to increase immunity and to dissolve kidney or bladder stones. Different active compounds found in this plant show an interesting biological activity, and antibacterial, antiviral, cytoprotective and antioxidant effects. >> Category: Healthcare
  • No Photo Vegetable Crops as Bioreactors for Production of Edible Vaccines    By: Nangsol Dolma Bhutia

    Vegetable crops provides numerous health benefits to mankind. Suitable crops can be exploited as bioreactors for production of edible vaccines as it offers added advantage over traditional vaccines production. With the aid of modern biotechnology and with sensible relaxation from governmental organizations, transgenic crops can bring about revolutionary changes in the way we produce vaccines, most importantly to underdeveloped worlds where growing crops is not a problem but affording a vaccine through medical aid is a major bottleneck. Vegetable crops offers ideal model for such technology. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Kisan Credit Card: Innovative Tool for Farmers Credit System    By: Dr. Amit Singh

    Benefits of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme to the banks and farmers. The basic philosophy of the article is to focus on the establish credit system that is prevailing in the country and the measure that were taken to improve the same for the benefits of the farmers. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Litchi Based Cropping in Pond    By: Dr. R K Patel

    Land which is lying unutilized due to water logging may be successfully restored through making of pond and utilized for water conservation and fish culture. All pond embankments which are remains unutilized made useful for cultivation of litchi, banana, papaya and other seasonal crops throughout the year. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Grafting in Sohiong for Plant Multiplication    By: Dr. R K Patel

    Sohiong (Prunus nepalensis) plants are propagated through seeds by the farmers from long time that resulted variation in fruit quality and also have the long gestation period (> 8 years). Owing to long gestation period and high canopy size, a novel plant multiplication technique through grafting (wedge and tongue) in sohiong has been standardized. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Horse gram: Mining Genes for Abiotic Stress Tolerance and Therapeutic Values    By: Dr. Dinesh Chand

    Horse gram is a potential crop for future and is a source of mining genes for abiotic stress tolerance, heavy metal stress, high protein content, nitrogen fixation ability, antioxidant and resistance to diseases. It is also used for a number of medicinal and therapeutic applications in Ayurvedic medicine such as curing piles, renal stones etc. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo GRAS and DELLA Protein    By: Sukumar Taria

    GRAS protein is palnt specific family of plant protein involved in plant developmental process. Among them,DELLA protein is one of the protein sub family involved in GA and loght signalling. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Bio-Aesthetic Planning and Benefits    By: Dr. Prativa Anand

    The term 'bio-aesthetic planning', given by Prof. Lancelot Hogben, refers to the conscious planning of the flora and the fauna with the objective of beautifying our surroundings or country. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Dichondra: Perfect Ground Cover for Shaded Lawns    By: Dr. Babita Singh

    Dichondra is not a turf grass but a fast growing ground cover. This is a perennial warm season grass with fine texture which has a prostrate or creeping growth habit with circular leaves. It grows very close to the ground, (usually not over 2 inches tall).It is adapted to warmer climates, but will retain its striking green color during winter temperatures as below 0 degree C with only slight leaf browning. dichondra has broad, almost circular leaves and when mowed low establishes a thick dense carpet look. It is now used in many ground cover situations where normal grasses may not do as well. It will develop beautiful white flowers throughout most of the warmer months which also lay close to the ground which add a stunning cottage feel to lawns and gardens, and which often visually blends both lawns and gardens together in a very pleasing manner. The cascading habit also makes this attractive plant perfect for rock walls or window boxes. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Role of Espaliers in Creating Living Sculptures    By: Dr. Ritu Jain

    Espalier' refers to the training of a plant or tree to grow flat against a wall or trellis. Espalier has considerable merit in today's garden design. The practice was originally used in the old world to conserve space in small orchards and gardens. Today, espaliers are used for introducing a decorative accent in the landscape the espalier plant is very definitely favored when the plot of ground is narrow, against wall or fences. This method of growing shrubs and trees is certainly decorative and conserves space.The word espalier is French, and it comes from the Italian spalliera, meaning 'something to rest the shoulder (spalla) against'. During the 17th Century, the word initially referred only to the actual trellis or frame on which such a plant was trained to grow, but over time it has come to be used to describe both the practice and the plants themselves.[1] The practice was popularly used in the middle ages in Europe to produce fruit inside the walls of a typical castle courtyard without interfering with the open space and to decorate solid walls by planting flattened trees near them. Vineyards have used the technique in the training of grapes for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Participatory Plant Breeding - Farmers have the opportunity to choose    By: Dr. Madhu Patial

    In Participatory Plant Breeding both breeders and farmers complement each other in varietal development process. Farmers disseminated his hand on knowledge and needs, share his germplasm and fields and are involved in each and every step besides ready for earlier adoption of the material. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Tips to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for Long Time    By: Dr. Ritu Jain

    Flowers are highly perishable commodities and there are enormous losses in value of cut flower all along the market channel and are estimated to be 30-40 per cent of farm value. Flowers needs gentle handling as they continue to live after harvest at the expense of reserve food. The nature and extent of postharvest damage is typical for each crop or cultivar. The post harvest losses become important especially when dealing with the export of fresh flowers to distant and foreign market. Therefore, patient, soft and expert handling of flowers is of utmost importance after harvest. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Integrated Farming System with Gender Perspective    By: Pampi Paul

    Gender perspective in integrated farming system is very crucial as from the beginning of the era women remain as part of agriculture with their male counterparts. Invisible work, less wage labour, less access and control over resources, less to extension services etc. are serious gender issues to consider. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Microarray Informatics Approach to Find Drug Targets in Prostate Cancer    By: Shilpa Shiragannavar

    Systematic approach for drug discovery is an emerging discipline in systems biology research area. It aims at integrating interaction data and experimental data to elucidate diseases and also raises new issues in drug discovery for cancer treatment. Many studies have used DNA microarrays to identify the gene expression signatures of human cancer, yet the critical features of these often unmanageably large signatures remain elusive. The regulation of gene expression is a dynamic process, hence it is of vital interest to identify and characterize changes in gene expression over time. >> Category: Bioinformatics
  • No Photo Role of RNAi Technology in Solanaceous Vegetables    By: Hanuman Ram

    Gene silencing is a eukaryotic genome defense system against viruses and mobile DNA elements that works by processing double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) into short interfering RNA (siRNA). RNA interference (RNAi) refers to a multi-step process, including the introduction of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) into a cell, cleavage of dsRNA into short interfering RNA (siRNA) 21- 26 nt in size, formation of RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC), degradation of complementary mRNA, and suppression of target gene expression. RNAi technology has become a powerful tool for the study of the functions of individual genes in a range of organisms. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Imperata Cylindrica Mediated Doubled Haploidy technique for Wheat Improvement    By: Dr. Madhu Patial

    Imperata Cylindrica is a wild grass which is being taken for development of haploids through embryo rescue technique which has been reported to be the is most efficient technique for DH development in wheat >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Substractive Genomics Approach to Identify Potential Drug Targets in Streptococcus Pyogens [PDF]    By: Shilpa Shiragannavar

    The present study is carried out to identify potential drug targets in Streptococcus species that might facilitate the discovery of novel drugs in near future. Various steps were adopted to find out novel drug targets. susbtractive genomic approach has been used to identify therapeutic target in Streptococcus pyogenes >> Category: Bioinformatics
  • No Photo Precision Farming: An Innovative Approach for Crop Management    By: Arjun Verma

    Precision farming in many developing countries including India is in its infancy stage but there are numerous opportunities for its adoption. The support from governments and the private sector during the initial stages of adoption is therefore vital. Precision farming is essential for the purpose of enhancing productivity, reducing ecological balance and degradation. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Climate Change and Extension Role in Adaptation Practices    By: Arjun Verma

    Climate is an ever changing phenomenon and are experienced by all type of communities whether it may be poor or rich around the world, but poor communities much more affected because they have much higher levels of vulnerability to environmental determinants of health, wealth and other factors, and much lower levels of capacity available for coping with environmental change. Extension can help farmers to prepare for greater climate variability and uncertainty, create contingency measures to deal with exponentially increasing risk, and alleviate the consequences of climate change by providing advice on how to deal with droughts, floods, and so forth. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo ICT as a Support Tool of Extension for Agricultural and Rural Development    By: Arjun Verma

    Rural development encompasses the development of agriculture, socio-economic infrastructure and human resources in rural areas. For this development communication has to emerge as an important policy instrument integrating economic, social, education and cultural planning. The electronic mass communication has been considered as a potential tool for development of rural people. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be cost effectively and practically employed to facilitate information delivery and knowledge sharing among farmers, extension agents and other stakeholders >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Alopecia in Dogs and its Management    By: Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh

    Alopecia doesn't refer only to hair loss; it also includes coat defects from failure of hair to grow. It will decrease the value of the animal socially and economically. Its management and proper care can reduce the occurrence and bring smile on pet and owners face. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Complete Feed Block Technology - A Fruitful Innovation    By: Dr. Minu Singh

    Complete Feed Block, is a technology which can help our farmers in balanced feeding of dairy animals and thereby, increasing milk production and profit incurred from dairy farming. Apart from being an economically viable technique, it has multiple advantages like easy transportation, cheaper storage, correcting multi-nutritional deficiency, easy handling and reduces feeding cost as locally available feed ingredients can be utilized. It can be stored for almost a year and therefore is helpful in seasons of fodder scarcity. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Dairy Farming: A Climate Smart Perspective    By: Pampi Paul

    In the present time it is a crucial issue of concern to sustain the farming in view of changing climate scenario. Dairy farming is a familial tradition in Indian agricultural activities; which is a chief source of GHGs. Climate smart dairy farming could helps to increase food production, help farmers to become more resilient to climate change and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. >> Category: Agriculture

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RECENT COMMENTS: (Approved comments only)

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2016-08-29

Dear Linda,

Investigation is required to know effect of IR on nylon fibre.

Article: Microbial Production of Vitamin B12 - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2016-08-29

Dear avnswamy,

You need to develop and try this particular protocol of controlled CO2 evolution and subsequent B12 production.

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Mark - 2016-08-28

While the symptoms of exposure of those various chemicals is, I assume, accurate, I do not believe you are actually exposed to concentrations of the various dyes and treatment chemicals that would result in acute symptoms.

The lack of any citations, author affiliations, or follow-up on specific chemicals (e.g. "Since the monomers are toxic, the toxicity of their polymerization product should not be ignored") suggests that you've done enough googling to discuss the hazards, but haven't investigated the relative effects (e.g. You're not thoroughly checking whether these things actually happen)

As a rebuttal, I present Polydimethysiloxane - PDMS.

The monomers are often cytotoxic and consdered carcinogenic, but

"PDMS is optically clear, and, in general, inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable."

The polymerization product is only toxic if monomers fail to polymerize, but even then they can be washed out with nonpolar organic solvents.

With this in mind, how can you proceed to wildly speculate on the toxicity of sythetic fibers without peer-reviewed studies backing your claim?

Do you even know what blood serum concentrations would have to be achieved for any of the symptoms you listed?

I believe this article could hold sway with critics if you merely cited one source.

Article: Difference Between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic mRNA - Comment by: shailja - 2016-08-21

Thnks for the guidance!!

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Linda - 2016-08-15

Im wondering would using nylon cover for portable infrared sauna would emit gas or toxins in the sauna? If so then would it be counterproductive as you will be trading toxins. What are your thoughts on this. Thank you for your kind time.

Article: Best Institutes to Study Biotechnology in Pakistan - Comment by: Muhammad anwar - 2016-08-11

I get some information from your article.carry on your work May Allah help us in our field.

Article: Enzymes Produced by Bacillus Thuringiensis - Comment by: cecilia - 2016-08-11

this is really educative and related to my research work.Pls I need the full publication , how do I get it.

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Rakesh kumar - 2016-08-10

Very very useful article to pregnant lady .Amazing

Article: Microbial Production of Vitamin B12 - Comment by: avnswamy - 2016-08-05

is it possible for enhancing vit b12 production by fermentation by controlling co2 concentration? also the yields in fermentation are normally 18 to 20%.please comment

Article: Colorful Bacteria - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2016-07-26

Thanks Alka!

Article: EM Technology For Rapid Composting - Comment by: Aniruddh - 2016-07-24

Is it normal , if there is no gas formation while activating EM ? I noticed this for the new EM bottle. (The earlier bottle , gas formation was quite noticeable. )


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