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Article: Microbial Production of Vitamin B12 - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-09-29

Hello Krishnan,
Following are the pharma companies in India which manufacture Vit.B12 by microbial fermentation:
1. Navcure Pharma
2. Themis Medicare
3. Shreeji Pharma International
4. Piramal Healthcare
5. Wockhardt
6. Raptakos Brett
7. Alkem

Thank you!

Thank you!

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-09-29

Thanks Minnie for your appreciation! Visited, read, shared & supported the website you have suggested :)).

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-09-29

Its true Kathy but I feel R & D of such industries should take initiative to find suitable alternatives which should be profitable as well as environment friendly. Thanks for reading this article and your comment.

Article: Toxic Fibers and Fabrics - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-09-29

Thank you very much Pat! I am sorry for the delayed reply.

Article: Colorful Bacteria - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2015-09-29

Thanks Sanjana! All the very Best for your research!!!

Article: Somaclonal Variations - A Detailed Study - Comment by: KANIKA GAUTAM - 2015-09-27


Article: Bioreactors - Classification and Types - Comment by: Bernice Glz - 2015-09-26

I'd like to see some diagrams and the general structure of the bioreactors (it's parts).
But the article has great information!

Article: Enzymes to Renew Nerve Cells - Comment by: L. C. Roberts - 2015-09-26

It would have been nice to have seen an answer to the comment, prior to mine, but since this was written in 2010, I guess the author didn't think that it was important enough. Just seems rude and unprofessional to me. By the way, I can help authors with editing their articles on research and any other topic, so that it can be read and understood better in English speaking terms. Just leave a message here for L. C. Roberts.

Article: Plasmids: Types, Functions and Applications - Comment by: malar - 2015-09-25

simple and best

Article: Downstream Processing in Biotech Industry - Comment by: Vikas Sachdev - 2015-09-22

Information provided is too good. Even a lay man can understand.

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Happiness - 2015-09-21

It is something wonderful that no man can't tell how God made it.


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