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  • No Photo Soil Health- A Holistic Approach for Soil Management    By: Dr. Sunanda Biswas

    Soil health encompasses physical, chemical and biological attributes of soil involved in various soil functions. Soil health evaluation processes consist of stepwise actions viz. selection of soil health indicators, MDS formulation, interpretation of indices and on farm validation.. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Select Yeast Cells that Flocculate in Due Time    By: Debasish Mondal

    A new reliable statistical method is proposed to check the flocculation characteristics of brewers yeast and select the best strain which flocculate in due time for brewing purpose. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Isolation of Phosphatase Producing Microorganisms from Soil    By: Debasish Mondal

    An easy method was used in this experiment with reliable result and repeatability to obtain the most excellent bacterial isolates producing phosphatase >> Category: Applications
  • No Photo Bio Energy Crop: Cassava    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Energy is an important factor in our daily lives, helping to improve the quality of life and playing a significant role in the country's economic development. In particular, energy demand in India, where this study is conducted, has been increasing continuously together with the energy prices. Furthermore, India has to face the environmental impacts caused by energy usage, particularly the impact on climate change resulting from, for example, global warming. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Regulation of Flowering and Fruiting in Vegetable Crops Under Protected Cultivation    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    For the setting of fruits inside greenhouse or protected cultivation various techniques are used. From forgoing discussion, mostly in tomato at high humidity condition mostly use the blowers and PGRs for setting of fruits >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Roses for Home Gardening    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Rose is one of the most beautiful creations of nature and is universally acclaimed as queen of flowers. Apart from being admired for its beauty, rose is used in worship, garlands, bouquets, cut flowers, preserves and decorations, etc. Because of diversified growth habits, exquisite shape, variation in size and form, attractive colour, delightful fragrance and numerous varieties, roses have gained wide acceptability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Potpourri - A Viable Value Added Product    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Flowers are intricately linked in our day to day lives. They are source of inspiration and regarded as mind food for peace. The life of flowers is very short. To circumvent this problem flowers may be naturally dried or preserved in a number of ways like dried flowers in their original form, press dried flower and dried flowers used for porpourri. Potpourri is a blend of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent, mostly used indoors. It is usually placed in a decorative bowl, or tied in small sachet. Potpourri is used inside the home to give the air a pleasant smell. The word 'potpourri' comes into English from the French word 'pot-pourri.' For rotten pot. These natural air fresheners are enjoying new-found popularity today. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Fragrant Varieties of Rose    By: D. V. S. Raju

    In everyday life fragrance plays an important role in many biological functions. Flowers have been known for a long time to be source of sweet fragrance. For centuries roses have played an important role in human society. Their ornamental value is not only for their size and shape. The abundance of flowering and their fragrance have attracted attention. As plant breeding has evolved over the last centuries into a science rather than art, and plant production has become an industrial process, the focus has changed to plant production parameters rather than flower fragrance. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Value Addition in Rose    By: D. V. S. Raju

    Rose is one of the most beautiful creations of nature and is universally acclaimed as queen of flowers. Apart from being admired for its beauty, rose is used in worship, garlands, bouquets, cut flowers, preserves and decorations, etc. Because of diversified growth habit, exquisite shape, variation in size and form, attractive colour, delightful fragrance and numerous varieties, roses have gained wide acceptability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo New Stem Cell Technique for Tissue Repairing is about to be Launched    By: Betty Cummings

    New stem cell therapy with better effect and cheaper cost is about to go into clinical trial stages. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Advancements and Potential of Regeneration Biology    By: Kartik Juyal

    Ideas, advancements and potential of the field of regeneration biology. Regeneration biology deals with studies of renewal, restoration and growth in organism making them resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage to the organism. >> Category: Biology
  • No Photo Macro Propagation Technique for Rapid Multiplication of Banana    By: Thejangulie Angami

    The article focus on the rapid multiplication of Banana planting materials through simple macro-propagation technique at farm level thereby enhancing timely delivery of quality seedlings to the growers ensuring livelihood and economic sustainability. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Applications of PGRs in Vegetables    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    The role of plant regulators in various physiological and biochemical processes in plants is well known. Growth regulators are known to affect, Seed germination, Seed dormancy, Vegetative growth, Nodulation, Tuberization, Fruit ripening and yield Hybrid seed production and Fruit setting and fruit size. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Enhancement of Phosphorus Use Efficiency in Soil-Plant System    By: Rajendra Kumar Yadav

    Agronomic strategies for enhancing P use efficiency includes selection of fertilizer, soil test based P application, methods of P fertilizer application, fertigation, residual P utilization by different crops, utilization of insoluble P sources by addition of organic matter and phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSM), integrated nutrient management >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Development of New Phosphorus Fertilizers    By: Rajendra Kumar Yadav

    The nano fertilizer technology is an innovative strategy. Fertilizer particles can be coated with nano membranes that facilitate in slow and steady release of nutrients thereby reducing loss of nutrients and enhancing its use efficiency of crops. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Nitrogen Fertilizer: Organic and Inorganic Sources for Crop Production    By: Rajendra Kumar Yadav

    Careful management of organic N sources is required to meet crop requirements, while avoiding undesirable N losses to the environment >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Seed Extraction Methods in Vegetable Crops    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Seed separation from fruit is a specialized job. A slight negligence while extracting the seed can considerably damage its viability and vigour besides physical appearance. The in situ germination can also occur due to improper extraction technique. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Prospective Technologies for Sustaining Agriculture    By: Dr. S. R. Assumi

    This article focus on sustainable agricultural systems targeting to maintain and enhance the overall health of natural resources taking into consideration the constraints of market driven production system. >> Category: Agriculture
  • Author Photo Sclerotinia Stem Rot Disease and its Management in Brassica Sp.    By: Dr. N. C. Gupta

    India is one of the leading producers of oil seed Brassicas accounting for 11.12 % of the world's rapeseed-mustard production, and ranks third in the world next to China and Canada and Sclerotinia stem rot disease is a menace during late flowering and maturity of plants resulting up to 80% loss of yield causing a major drop in oil seed economy. >> Category: Agriculture
  • Author Photo An Arabidopsis Phenomics Study in T-DNA Insertion Mutant Population    By: Dr. N. C. Gupta

    Phenomics with detailed information about tagged populations provides a good tool for functional genomics analysis. >> Category: Biotech Research
  • No Photo Fungal diseases of Blackgram and Greengram in India and their Control Measures    By: Pardeep Kumar

    Blackgram and greengram have played a very important role in human diet in India as a rich source of protein. But, major constraints in achieving the yield of pulses in India is the occurrence of various diseases and pests. Hence, management of fungal diseases of is very important to improve yield potential of blackgram and greengram. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Malady Diagnosis and Remedies in Important Fruit Crops    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Malady (physiological Disorder) refers to non parasitic or inanimate diseases of fruit crops. The major factors associated with these disorders are deficiency or excess of mineral elements, hormonal imbalance, improper pollination or fertilization or other abiotic stresses. Sometimes more than one factor may be responsible for the cause and hence seldom called as syndrome. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Walnut Industry in India - Present Status and Future Strategies    By: Rafiq Ahmad Shah

    Walnut is one of the most important nut crop grown in temperate regions of the India, particularly Jammu and Kashmir. The domestic and external demand has been increasing over the years and is projected to 75,000 tonnes by 2020.To meet these demands we need to increase production and improve quality of produce by providing and developing solution to different constraints at different levels from to marketing. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Maturity Indices and Quality Characteristics of Fruit Crops    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    Maturation is the stage of development leading to the physiological maturity (when a plant or plant parts will continue ontogeny even if detached) or horticultural maturity (when a plant or plant parts possesses the pre-requisites for utilization by the consumer for a particular purpose). Maturity indices help in deciding that when a given commodity should be harvested to provide some marketing and to ensure the attainment of acceptable eating quality to the consumer >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Microbial Assisted Flocculation for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater    By: Sumit Kumar Dubey

    Clumping together of dispersed organic particles to form flocs by the action of certain bacteria and fungi, referred as microbial assisted flocculation or bio-flocculation. >> Category: Applications
  • No Photo Growth Regulation Practices in Important Fruit Crops    By: Panchal Bhakti B.

    The main objective of growth regulation practice (crop regulation) is to force the tree for rest and produce profuse blossoms and fruits during any one of the two or three flushes. This aims to regulate uniform and good quality fruits and maximize production as well as profit to the grower. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Role of Border Crop In Pest Management    By: Dr. Swati Saha

    Natural pest control provides a safer and more sustainable approach for managing pest populations. Insecticide sprays against the vectors are not effective in reducing virus disease because vectors transmit virus before the insecticides act to kill them. Use of a border crop to form a screen around the main crop has provided protection against several non-persistent virus diseases. Border cropping can regulate pest populations and/or limit the damage caused to the crop through the pest diversion process. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Main Four Parts Services in Bioinformatics Services    By: Mandy Scott

    As the rapid development of life sciences and computer science, bioinformatics becomes a new subject in collection, process, storage, transmission, analysis and interpretation of biological information. >> Category: Bioinformatics
  • No Photo Antinutritional Factors in Vegetables    By: Hanuman Ram

    These compounds may cause neurological disorders, kidney stones, elevated blood pressure and gastric disorders. Saponins present in soybean have the ability to haemolyse red blood cells. Rhubarb contains oxalic acid, a toxic substance that in high concentrations can cause stomach irritation and kidney problems. The adverse effect of these factors can be minimized through post harvest processing, creating awareness, cooking, adopting cultural practices like earthing up (in potato) and breeding varieties having low antinutritional factors. >> Category: Agriculture
  • No Photo Breeding for Desirable Glucosinolate in Brassica Vegetables    By: Hanuman Ram

    Glucosinolates, secondary metabolites found in Brassicaceae. Physical tissue or cell injury leads to the breakdown of glucosinolates through the hydrolytic action of the enzyme myrosinase, resulting in the production of compounds including isothiocynates, thiocyanates and nitriles. Derivative compounds of glucosinolates have a wide range of biological functions including anticarcinogenic properties in humans. >> Category: Agriculture

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Article: Microbial Inoculants: an Approach to Sustainable Agriculture - Comment by: Jitendra Ajagol - 2016-04-26

very informative and comprehensive information...............
thank you

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Suraj Saxena - 2016-04-24

Excellent article full of knowledge,great work I appreciate the writer.

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: dhiraj tiwari - 2016-04-22

Very amazing to hear this thanks a lot

Article: Applications of Animal Cell Culture Technique - Comment by: aboufandoud E. - 2016-04-21

Good application for using Cell culture in animals
i hope more depth

Article: Microbial Production of Vitamin B12 - Comment by: sanjay jhaveri - 2016-04-15

sonal medam i had read on B12 by fermentation process its very informative and very knowledge given medam i wanted to know why we in India not commercially manufacturing we can not compete china whether they are bulk producer. can you please give the detilsrnsanjay jhaveri

Article: Comparative Toxicology of Cigarette Smoke and Automobile Exhaust - Comment by: Sonali Bhawsar - 2016-04-13

Respected Sir,
As title itself suggests that both cigarette and automobile smokes are comparable with respect to their toxicity. I suggest to stay away from both to lead a healthy life ahead. Practice yoga and have prescribed medicines; both can repair the loss done by PD or smokes.
Thanks for your praises and i am glad that the article was helpful.
Regards and best of wishes.

Article: Recombinant Clotting Factor VIII, Erythropoietin and Hepatitis B Vaccine - Comment by: Kaushambee J. Dave - 2016-04-12

Can u plz give a detailed account on how to produce it in the laboratory or a fermenter?

Article: Advancements and Potential of Regeneration Biology - Comment by: vidhushi - 2016-04-10

great work .. u seems to be moved by science fictions movies.. n have the knowledge also.. will go further .. good luck for ur work..

Article: How a Baby Develops Inside Mother's Womb: From an Embryo to a Child - Comment by: Mr&Mrs Arbab - 2016-04-05

Thanks alot thumbs up

Article: Comparative Toxicology of Cigarette Smoke and Automobile Exhaust - Comment by: Fab March - 2016-03-30

Hi Sonali:rnI'm a male 62 years old, recently Dx with Parkinson's Disease (PD).rnYour article is upmost interesting.rnEpydemiologic studies have pointed to the fact that smokers are statistically less likely to develop PD. How can this be explained?rnAfter my Dx I passed a lot of time thinking about the risk factors in my whole life that can be culprits in triggering my illness.rnI recently discovered a leak in my car's exhaust system, an I calculated an average of 1 hour daily exposition to those exhaust fumes for the last 8 years (fumes entering the cabin with open windows in traffic jams). I'm an occasional heavy smoker too (ON and OFF in time). Wondering which of the two possible culprits (CS or AE) may have triggered my condition.rnWhat do you think?rnBest regards and thank you for you very interesting article.rnFabrn...

Article: Down Syndrome - The Most Common Congenital Anomaly - Comment by: Nicole Gilliam - 2016-03-30

Oddly research show there is no evidence linking DS to incest! where did you find such research?


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