Amla (Phyllanthus emblica L.): A wonderful dryland fruit crop
Authors: Dinesh Chand, Nilamani Dikshit, Smita Shingane Sunil Gomashe and Jameel Akhtar

Amla (Phyllanthus emblica L.) belongs to family Euphorbiaceae. It is commonly known as Emblica Myrobalm, Indian Gooseberry, Aonla, Amla, Aola etc. It is indispensable part of the ayurvedic and unani system of medicines with amazing remedial qualities. In Sanskrit, it is called Amalaki or Dhartiphala. Amla is perhaps the single most often mentioned herb in “Charak Samhita”, the Ayurvedic medicine literature (500 BC). With richness of Vitamin C Amla has great nourishing properties packed with minerals and desirable amino acids. Amla is known differently by vernacular names in various languages

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