Agriculture is a very important field of biotechnology. It fulfills the needs of mankind by providing food in the form of cereals, milk, butter and meat. Every day scientists try to find new ways to develop such techniques which can be beneficent for the people. If we have a look at this field in detail, we see that human cannot live without agriculture because it provides the basic necessities of life. Agriculture also provides opportunities of jobs for the people. There are various sub fields in agriculture in which people can get jobs for example:

1)Agricultural engineering:-
Agricultural engineering is the branch of agricultural which makes use of the techniques of engineering and produces healthy crops ad livestock. It is also beneficent for the environment. India is one of the best countries which have very successful agricultural industry. To get a job in agricultural engineering, an individual must be B.Tech in agriculture from any registered institute. Food processing industries, research organizations and agribusiness firms can provide jobs to the agricultural engineers.

2)Industry Sector:-
Industry sector of agriculture offers jobs to the people who can work in seed processing. Meat and poultry packing and manufacturing of dairy products and in sales and marketing and many other sectors. This sector needs people who have full knowledge of their work and can perform their duty efficiently.

3)Services Sector:-
Service sector provides jobs of regulating and supplying the seeds, fertilizers and chemicals. People who are interested in getting job in this field; they should have at least bachelor degree and should have the basic knowledge about their field. Services sector also offers jobs as agricultural statisticians, agricultural technicians, inspection and regulation of food and feed.

4)Agricultural management:-
To get the job in agricultural management one should be qualified in the 2 years associate degree or 4 years bachelor's degree from any agricultural college. An individual should be trained in their field. Managerial skills are must to learn for the person who wants to apply for agricultural management.
5)Food Scientists:-
Job for food scientists needs a bachelor's degree. For research purposes, a master's or doctoral degree holder is preferred. For the food scientist, it is necessary that the person must have the knowledge of their field and must have the basic knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics.

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