Classes of Seed
Author: Tushara Modugu

  1. Nucleus Seed

  2. Breeder Seed

  3. Foundation Seed

  4. Certified Seed

  5. Truthfully labelled Seed

  1. Nucleus Seed :

  • It is the initial amount of pure seed of an improved variety or notified variety or parental lines of a hybrid produced under the supervision of the evolver of that variety / Institute/ State Agriculture University.

  • It is generally 100 % pure and does not contain other physical impurities.

  • It is produced strictly under isolation to avoid both genetic and physical impurities.

  • Vigour of the original variety or parental line should be retained in the nucleus seed.

  1. Breeder Seed :

  • It is the progeny of nucleus seed multiplied in large area under the supervision of plant breeder/ Institute / State Agriculture University and monitored by a committee consisting of the representatives of state seed certification agency, national/ State seed corporations, ICAR nominee and the concerned breeder.

  • It is 100 % physical and genetically pure seed.

  1. Foundation Seed :

  • It is the progeny of breeder seed produced on the farms of State Agriculture Universities/ Other government farms and State Seed Corporations.

  • It is 99.5 % genetically pure seed.

  1. Certified Seed :

  • It is the progeny of foundation seed produced by registered seed growers under the supervision of seed certification agencies to maintain the seed quality as per minimum seed certification standards.

  • It is 99% genetically pure seed.
    Truthfully labelled Seed :

  • It is the category of seed produced by private seed companies and is sold under truthful labels. Companies should maintain field and seed standards suggested for quality seed production as per seed act.
    Colour of Seed Tags :
    Each class of certified seed is associated with a coloured seed tag.

Seed Class



Breeder Seed

Golden Yellow

12 cm x 6 cm

Foundation Seed


15 cm x 7.5 cm

Certified Seed


15 cm x 7.5 cm

Truthfully labelled Seed

Opal Green

15 cm x 10 cm

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