Dry Flowers in Interiorscaping

Interiorscaping is an exciting and unique area of interest because it blends the science of floriculture with the aesthetics of interiordesign. A neatly planned interiorscape can spruce up a room for a lot less money than an antique vase or an expensive oil painting .In the present era of ecoconciousness, use of natural products like dry flowers has become the premier choice of interior decoration. Future prospects of the dry flower industry are expected to contribute a lot to the country’s economy in comparison to the fresh cut flowers. Dry flowers have tremendous potential as a substitute for fresh flower for interior decoration as well as for a variety of other aesthetic and commercial uses. On many occasions like birthday, anniversary or any other special day, flowers add a charm in such occasion and they look very wonderful but the sad part as these flowers look great first few days at the most the flower no longer add charm, they loose their beauty and in deep regret one have to toss them out. But what if you don’t have to throw them away. What if you could keep them for years instead of days? Sure, they might not look exactly the same but one can preserve their colour and even their shape. Dry flowers add everlasting beauty to the interior, preserving the memories even after the flowers die. Today, interest in dried flowers is enjoying resurgence in popularity. Dried flowers provide an attractive option for urban dwellers who may have little time, interest or space to grow garden. Everyone knows about drying flowers but many people do not know about all the creative uses for dried flowers .majority will admit that we know about dried flowers arrangements and potpourri but that’s about it.

Benefits of dry flowers

  • Fresh flowers though quite attractive, very expensive and short lived as well as available only during a particular season, dried flower products on the other hand are long lasting and retain their aesthetic value irrespective of the season.
  • Dried ornamental plant parts are generally less expensive and are sought for their everlasting and attractive appearance.
  • Dried flowers are ecofriendly, Less maintenance and care
  • Comparatively low production cost on account of cheap unskilled labour and availability of diverse plant produce in abundance.
Dried flower arrangements are lovely and are very easy to make. The only thing is that the flowers are dried in such a way that they should maintain their natural form. Use the petals for some colourful potpouri. Drip some scented oils over them and your home will be filled with its perfume. Dried flowers bring cheer with their bright, natural and their everlasting display. They bring beauty and joy year round unless placed in direct sunlight, dried flowers do not fade. While cut fresh flowers symbolize beauty and fleeting life, everlastings represent longevity and immortality. Dry flowers serve as a reminder of nature's bounty and provide the home gardener with an opportunity to preserve the beauty of the growing season year round. Rose petals and sweet-scented rushes were scattered on floors, while cloth bags and filigree containers filled with aromatic leaves and flowers freshened drawers and cupboards. . Dried flowers don't like sunlight or extreme heat, so try to find homes for them in more shaded area.

There is a large variety of dried flowers available for use to brighten a home or office. Flowers suitable for drying are Acroclinium ( Helipterum roseum ), African Daisy ( Lonas inodora ), Ageratum , Amaranth ( Amaranthus caudatus ), Ammobium ( Ammobium elatum ), Anaphalis ( Anaphalis margaritacea ), Annual Statice ( Limonium sinuatum ), Achilia ( Achillea filipendulina ), Armerias( Armeria maritime ), Boxwood( Buxus sempervirens ), Brome Grass ( Bromus madritensis ), Blue Salvia ( Salvia farincea ),Broom Bloom ( Cytisus scoparius ), Bunny Tail ( Lagurus ovatus ), Anthemis ( Anthemis kelwayi ), Artemisia ( Artemisia albula ), Baby's Breath ( Gypsophila paniculata ) , Blue Globe Thistle( Echinops ritro ), Blue Hydrangea- ( Hydrangea paniculata ), Canary Grass ( Phalaris canariensis ), Lemon leaf ( Gaultheria shallon), Lavender (Lavandula adentata),Larkspur (Delphinium consolida), Everlasting (Helichrysum bracteatum).

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