The history of agriculture is some 10,000 years old. Primarily man was hunter, in search of gathering food he kept on hunting and also migrating from one place to another. With the passing of time, he understood the mechanism of growing crop by seed. The seeds were then collected, forest land got cleared off, seeds were sown and the crops got harvested. All sort of activities made the man settled at the very site of growing of the crop. Slowly and slowly colony got developed in the near vicinity of cultivation site. The tendency of growing crop and technique of getting harvest progress, the man got rehabilitated there permanently and it form the basis of development of the countryside. Later on, further improvement took place and colonization passed through little bit systemized way and the population got settled in the form of villages. Thus, the nomedic nature of human being gone away and stabled rehabilitation took place which is now-a-days a developed village. At present in the country some six lakh villages are there which takes care of requirement of food of entire country. After all it is the food which forms the very basic instinct of pre-requisites essential for survival. It has been very well cited by a poet that “Sarwarambhatandulprasthamula” which means that the hunger is basic drive behind all sorts of deeds and acts of mankind. The hunger is quenched only through agriculture. Though, gallop development has took in all spheres of science and technology but still there is no synthetic substitute to the natural food human beings consume to grow, to survive. The thing which holds command over survival comes from agriculture, hence agriculture is a profession of novelty over and above all professions. Provided the dignity of labour is established the environment so conducive to foster the socio-economic of the growers, agriculture is ought to be treated as the superb professions. I consider myself boasted of being associated with agriculture. I want to grow and develop myself as a scientist in agriculture so that I may serve the humanity by being an adjunct in the chain of food production offering scientific inputs involvement and obligations.

Individuals in the age group of 10 to 19 are termed as adolescence and those in the age group of 10-24 a young person. At present every 5th person in India is an adolescent and every 3rd a young person. Concisely, about 20 per cent of the Indian population is adolescent and 33 per cent is youth. This is most energized and best transformable mass of human beings provided proper development is made. Attracting such a huge population towards agriculture is really poised to transform the current face of Indian agriculture, which is witnessing decline in unit productivity, poor competitiveness in production over developed countries, less input use efficiency and in broader sense less output per unit investment for overall production. India is losing more than 2000 farmers every single day. Since 1991 overall number of farmers has dropped 15 million. More than 75 million youth worldwide are looking for work, according to UN International Labour Organisation. Still there is growing disenchantment among rural youth towards agriculture vocation and they migrate to cities.

There is a need to make agriculture worth enchanting to attract the youth for venture. The government of India is seriously thinking in this regard and has shown its concern for transforming India through skill development of the countrymen. The present government has its focus on “skill, scale and speed” to make country competitive in outgrowing world. Skilled youth can take agriculture as profession and can serve the nation better. Today some six lacs villagers are there in country which meet out the requirement of food for entire nation. Fulfilling the requirement of grain is the biggest service to the nation that is provided only by farmers.

To attract young minds in agriculture profession some 62 agriculture universities are patronizing the field of agriculture research and development in the country. The opportunity needs to be availed, With such kind of socio-economic changes in the country. Agriculture demands the devotion, dedication, zeal and enthusiasm on young ones to grab the opportunity of developing agriculture in global perspective. Moreover feeding and fulfilling need of the society and the human being is really a matter of gratification and satisfaction. The youths should get to know about the importance of choosing agriculture as their profession. The Government of India should take measures and initiatives to uplift the socio-economic status of the farmers. The Agricultural universities should associate them to develop villages to transform them to modern villages. The present conditions demands an environment to attract a huge mass of youths to opt agriculture as their profession.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am working as horticulture officer at Dwarka, Gujarat