Estimation of Genetic Diversity between an Indigenous: Kadaknath and Commercial White Leghorn breeds of Chicken by using STR Markers

S. O. Pratap, S. K. Mishra, Geetika Arora, R.Gaur, Y Prasad and D. P. Singh
Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar, India-243122
MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly UP

Complexity of Biological data can be resolved out through advent tools of computational statistical and Molecular analysis to drawn reliable estimates for the estimation of Genetic diversity. The present study was conducted to evaluate intra and inter-breed genetic variation between two diverse chicken populations: Kadaknath (KN) and White Leghorn (WLH) at molecular level, using twelve highly-polymorphic microsatellites markers. Results from computational statistical analysis revealed distinctly-different population parameters; PIC, Na, Ne, Nei’s index, Ho, He and Shannon’s index (I), showing significantly-higher values for KN as opposed to WLH, while lower values of F-statistics estimates (FIS, FST and FIT) were recorded for KN as compared to WLH. Intra-breed variability assessed through un-rooted dendrogram generated for these populations via neighbor-joining algorithm exhibited distinctly-different dispersal pattern by higher inter-sample divergence in KN than WLH. It could be inferred that variability of WLH appeared eroded over generations due to operational evolutionary-force (selection) while KN appeared to retain more heterozygosity consistent to its breeding history.


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