High Medicinal Value of Indian Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)
Authors: Leela Bhatt

High medicinal value of Indian noni (Morinda citrifolia)

Morinda citrifolia is unique horticultural plant belonging to Rubiaceae family .Morinda citrifolia has a tremendous demand because of its high medicinal value. It is also called as great morinda, cheese fruit, bread fruit ,hog apple. Noni was one of most widely used in medicinal plant in Polynesia prior to European contact ,Noni is an ideal plant for mixed farming with other horticultural plantation. Noni is a multipurpose plant. All parts of plant have traditional and modern uses, including roots, barks, in dye, medicine trunks as fire wood and tools and leaves and fruits as food and medicine. Noni fruit ‘s juice is a rich source of vitamins A, C, E, B ,B2, B12, B6, Ca, Fe, Niacin, folic acid ,Phosphorus, Mg, Zn ,Ca, chromium ,Mn, Mo, Na, K and carbohydrate.

Indian noni fruit is a raw source for more than 150 nutraceuticals ,required by our body on daliy basis .it is a premier adaptation.The best known source of antioxidant ,Indian noni fruit juice purifies blood ,protects from toxin and pollutants,promotes self-healing mechanism and stimulates production of T-cell in immune system.

Indian noni juice is very effective in stimulating body immune system to perform its proper functions .Indian noni effective adoptogen ,which facilities homeostasis , Indian noni works at cellular level or has ability to direct energy to areas that are weak and damage the immune ,circulatory, digestive, metabolic and nervous system ,tissue and cells skin and hairs. It helps to mange tuberculosis, heart diseases ,cholesterol, blood pressure ,kidney disorder, anemia, diabetics, digestive disorder ,auto immune disorder, arthritis, chronic, pain asthma ,depression, obesity, cancer chemotherapy ,induced weakness, menstrual problems, sexual dysfunctions , Parkinson’s diseases. Multiple sclerosis crumps, stress, sleeplessness , deccholism, drug addiction and South East Asia application of plant in extended to cure cough ,cold, pain, liver disease , malaria and blood pressure.


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