Important Insect Pests of Vegetables Crops and Their Managements
Authors: 1 Sharwan Lal Jat and 2Sheeshpal Choudhary
1Ph.D. Scholar Department of Entomology, SKNAU, Jobner, Jaipur, Rajasthan- 303329
2Ph.D. Scholar Department of Agronomy, SKNAU, Jobner, Jaipur, Rajasthan- 303329
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A. Important Insect Pest of Chilli:

i. Thrips: These are small insects which feed on the leaves by scrapping the epidermis sucking the oozed cell sap. The affected leaves turn brown, get curled and dry at the tips locally known as churda murda or bokdya.

Control Measures: Spray 0.1% Malathion at 10 days interval. Apply 10% phorte granules in soil @ 10 kg/ha. at the time of transplanting.

ii. Cutworms: The caterpillar remain hidden in soil during day and damage the crop during night hours. The caterpillar cut the plants at ground level and feeds on tender leaves. They also feed on the roots.


Control Measures: Apply 5% chlordane or heptachlor dust to soil @ 50 kg/ha.

iii. Pod Borer: The caterpillar oat leaves and later on bores the pod, which result in the deterioration of quality and market price of the product.

Control Measures: Thrips can effectively be controlled by spraying carbaryl 50 W @ 3 gm or Zolene @ 3 ml or Dimethoate (Rogor 30 EC) or Monocrotophos (Monocil) tgi 1 ml per litter of water at fortnightly interval.

iv . Aphids: Aphid suck the dap from the plants; they generally attack the crop in winter months and at the later stages of the crop. The quality of the produce is spoiled by imparting blackish colour to the Calyx and pods. They also serve as a Vector to Virus.

Control Measures: The aphids can effectively be controlled by spraying the crop with Dimethoate (Rogor-30 EC) or Methyl Parathion (Metacid 50 EC) @ lm (or Phosphamidon (Demicron-100 EC) @ 0.5 ml per litre of whiter.

B. Important Insect Pest of Onion:

i. Onion Thrips: This pest suck the sap from the leaves during night and in early morning. Whitish spots are found on leaves which affects on the development of bulb.

Control Measures: Application of thimate 10 G @ 10 kg/ha. Spraying of Dimethoate 10 ml in 10 lit water alternately at 15 days interval. Spraying.

ii. Leaf Eating Caterpillar: Larvae feed on leaves and makes the holes on it and feed inside the leaves.

Control Measures: Application of thimate 10 G @ 10 kg/ha. Spraying of Dimethoate 10 ml in 10 lit. water alternately at 15 days interval. Spraying.

C. Important Insect Pest of Tomato:

i. Fruit Borer: Damages leaves shoot & fruits. Fruits become unfit for consumption.

Control Measures: Spray of carbaryl 50 WP @ 0.3% or Carbaryl Dust 10% @ 35kg/ha. Infested shoot & fruit removed & destroyed.

ii. Jassids: They suck the sap from tender part & leaves.

Control Measures: Spray of Phospomidon 85 @ 0.2%.

iii. Mealy Bug: A scale insect that covers up the whole plant and suck the sap from the plant

Control Measures: Removal of infected shoots and spraying the plant with Malathion (Cythion 50 EC, Malathion-50 EC) @ Jml per litre of water is the best method of controlling Uzis past.

D. Important Insect Pest of Reddish:

i. Mustard Saw Fly: Mustard saw fly is most destructive is most destructive insect of radish in our region. If not controlled in time causes serious damages to the crop. It attacks the crop on leaves. The grub feeds on the leaves and pods. In severe cases complete defoliation occurs. Spray with Malathion to control disease.

ii. Aphids: Aphids are most serious pest particularly in rainy season. Under sever infestation plants are completely devitalized. Leaves and shoots curl up, become yellowish and finally die. Spraying with Malathion 0.05 per cent check the attack of aphids.

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