Insect-pests, diseases and weeds of pearl-millet and their management
Authors: Surendra Pal Singh* and Pooja Kumari**
*Principal Scientist, **Scientist
Division of plant Quarantine, ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New DELHI-110012

A) Insect-pests:

a) Soil insect-pests:

1. Termites or white ants, Odontotermus obesus
Distribution: All over the country and especially under rainfed conditions.
Symptoms and extent of damage:

Termite is highly polyphagous in nature. Worker termite damage the roots resulted yellowing of plant and finally dried. The pest is more severe under rainfed conditions. The pest remains active throughout the year on crop debris and stables.

1) Destruction and burning of plant debris in and around the fields.
2) Deep summer ploughing.
3) Use only well decomposed farm yard manure.
4) Frequent irrigation helps in reduction of termite infestation.
5) Application of Chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 4 litre/ ha in 50 kg sand or quinalphos 1.5% dust @ 25 kg/ha during last ploughing and properly mixing in soil minimize the termite infestation.

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About Author / Additional Info:
Principal Scientist, Plant Quarantine Division, ICAR- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Pusa Campus, New Delhi- 110 012