Introduction to Diseases of Livestock .
Authors: A.S.Gawali*, L. S. Palashikar, R. B. Narawade
(Assistant Professor, K. K.Wagh College of Agricultural biotechnology, Nashik.)

Health Health is the state of complete physical & mental well being of the animal when all the body mechanisms functions properly .

Diseases - Any disorder in the health which cause discomfort to animal or any change in general stage of the body or any part of the body which disturbs the performance of vital functions is disease

A diseased animal can be spotted out from some parameter following they are:

Parameters Healthy Animals Sick Animal
1)Look of the animal Smart, Active, Alert Dull, Inactive
2)Head Raided upward Downward
3)Eyes Wide open,bright White deposition at corners of the eye,dull
4)Nose No discharge from nose May some discharge
Parameters Healthy Animals Sick Animals
5) Mouth Wet & without odour Mouth is dry & Saliva hanging
6)Ears Erect Drooping
7)Rumination Regular Irregular
8)Muzzle Wet,cold,&shining Dry & dirty
9)Feed & water intake Normal Reduced or stop
10)Temprature 38.5 % normally More than 40 %
11)Pulse/min 60 to 70 More than 70
12)Milk production Normal Reduced
13)Faeces Normal without bed smell Dry & loose with bed odour
14)Response to call Quick Slow

Classification of Diseases -According to Causes

Specific Diseases

(A) Infectious Diseases -caused by infection of bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa,

Eg. Rinderpest, T.B.

(B) Contagious diseases –

Spread due to direct or indirect contact with diseased animals

Eg. Anthrax, B.Q.

Non-specific Diseases

This disease caused due to unknown specific causal organism.


Classification of Diseases -According to Duration & Severity

1) Chronic Diseases

Diseased running prolonged time

Takes several weeks to cure


2) Sub acute disease

Affect suddenly but takes long time to cure

Eg. F.M.D.

3) Acute diseases -disease running very short
course. eg- B.Q. & H.S.

4) Pre-acute diseases:- such infections affect animals very sudden and even before symptoms are exhibited the animal dies.

Classification of Diseases -According to beginning of Diseases

1) Congenital:-

Transmitted by mother to its offspring during pregnancy


2) Hereditary:-

Transmitted from parents to offsprings hereditary


3) Acquired disease :-

Infections get after birth of animal during growing period.

4) According to area/species:-

1) Epizootic : Affects animals of large area/region .

Eg:-Rinder pest

2) Enzootic disease : - This disease on specific to particular breeds or species of animals


3) Exotic: - This disease brought by animals when imported from other country.

Eg:-Horse sickness

4) Sporadic diseases: - Occur anywhere sporadically


5) Panzootic diseases :- This diseases affects different species or breeds in a country at a time


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