Microbial Alchemy using bacteria to mine precious metals
Authors: Ajay Kumar*, Aman Jaiswal, Deepak Kumar, Shekhar Kumar
Division of Microbiology, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (India) 110 012
*Corresponding author e-mail: jangraajay8888@gmail.com

With increase in industrialization along with population growth, the demand of metals has dramatically increased and is likely to go up further in years to come.

It necessitates the need for innovative and economical ways of recovering metals from low-grade deposits.

Large stockpiles of low and lean grade ores exist but the recovery of metals from them using conventional techniques is very expensive and leads environmental problem.
Ores with low metal content are not suitable for direct smelting but it is possible to extract metals economically using the activity of microorganisms which decompose a variety of mineral deposit and bring the revolution in mining industry.

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About Author / Additional Info:
I am pursuing PhD in department of microbiology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110012