Approaches to mitigate climate change through studies on plant responses
Author: Chongtham Allaylay Devi and Brij Bihari Pandey
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• A significant change in climate at global and national level is certainly impacting our crop production and quality.
• But understanding of impact of climate change on perennial horticultural production system and the potential effects on crop quality have drawn a little attention of researchers.
• The consequences of such rapid change are - global warming, change of seasonal pattern, excessive rain, melting of ice cap, flood, rising sea level, drought etc. leading to extremity of all kinds.
• Decrease in potential yields is likely to be caused by shortening of the growing period, decrease in water availability.
• High humidity (85-90%), moderate temperatures (maximum temperature of 25-26°C and minimum of 18-20°C) provided favourable condition for the initiation of disease (Chhata et al., 2006).

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