Recycling of waste material from home for gardening not only saves the extra expenditure but also adds scope for creativity, use of extra time and a good exercise. Home waste like news papers, plastic bags, food waste, vegetable remains, fruit waste, broken utensils, ice cream cups, plastic and glass bottles, etc can be potential material to be part of your home garden by one or another way. These inexpensive items are easily available and need to thrown away. Skillful use of these items in garden creates interest and adds beauty to gardening. Kids and elderly people can get leisured with increased activities. The effective uses of these items are based on the creativity of individual.

Paper pots: One easy and economical way to get pots for planting of small quantity of seed is to make them from the waste material that find around your house. Making pots for seed planting from newspaper is not only very cheap but you are managing waste in useful manner. To make pot from paper is very simple. First, take a sheet of newspaper and fold it in half so that it is about the length of a can of beverages and then just roll the can until it wraps around the can. After that just fold in one end of the newspaper to make the bottom and you have a quick and cheap pot for planting of seeds that you have made from newspapers that you were just going to throw away. When the seedlings have sprouted you can plant the whole thing in the ground where the newspaper will be eventually decomposed.

Curd/yogurt/ice-cream cups: Other things around your house you can use are curd/yogurt/ice-cream cups. These are mostly made up of plastics and are hardier than paper pots. Therefore, they are easy to handle and can be moved from one place to another. Collect all the cups preferably equal sizes or you can sort it based on their size. Wash them in hot water and dry in full sun for 2-3 days. Prepare mixture of growing media and plant the seeds of different annual ornamental plants. These cups can also be planted directly on and due course of time these may gets decomposed.

Plastic bottles: These are more durable and hardy and easily available at home. Bottle of soda, water and other unwanted bottles may be used for growing plants and for decoration of gardens. Collect the bottles and cut into two equal half and poke holes in the bottom for drainage. These can be used as hanging baskets for the growing of small plants. Big bottle of 1-2 liters as such can also be used for growing of plants along the side of walls by hanging them in garden. For this cut one side of the bottle so that it can be placed horizontally and tie the string to both the ends.

Vehicle tyres: Used unwanted tyres of vehicle can also be used for growing of ornamental plants. Make holes of required size on outer side of tyre from which seedling/plant can protrude outs. Fill the inside with growing mixture and plant seedling or seeds. Depending upon size tyre can be used for hanging or on ground.

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