Roses for Home gardening
Authors: D. V. S. Raju and Markanday Singh
Division of Floriculture & Landscaping, IARI, New Delhi

Rose is one of the most beautiful creations of nature and is universally acclaimed as queen of flowers. Apart from being admired for its beauty, rose is used in worship, garlands, bouquets, cut flowers, preserves and decorations, etc. Because of diversified growth habits, exquisite shape, variation in size and form, attractive colour, delightful fragrance and numerous varieties, roses have gained wide acceptability. It is a good plant for garden decoration and landscaping. Roses can fulfill the requirement of trees, shrubs, climbers, hedges and edges in the landscape planning and design of gardens.


Modern roses are classified as hybrid teas, floribunda, polyanthas, climbers and miniatures. Hybrid teas are grown for production of cut flowers and garden display. Floribunda varieties are highly suitable for gardens as they bear in clusters. Miniatures are suitable for edges, borders and pot purpose. Climbers can be suitably trained on arches, gates and fences. Some of the popular varieties among different classes are

Hybrid Teas: First Red, Super Star, Gladiator, Happiness, Raktgandha, Mrinalini, Abhisarika, Bhim, Dr. Benjamin Pal, Dr. B. P. Pal, Dr. M. S. Randhawa, Haseena, Homage, Jawani, Lalima, Mother Teresa, Mridula, Nehru Centenary, Priyadarshini, Raktima, Surkhab, Pusa Bahadur, Pusa Ajay.

Floribundas: Charleston, Iceberg, Mercedes, Pink Parfait, Sea Pearl, Summer Snow, Banjaran, Pusa Muskan, Delhi Princess, Jantar Mantar, Loree, Neelambari, Prema, Rose Sherbet, Pusa Baramasi, Sadabahar, Tarang

Polyanthas: Echo, Paul Crampel, Vatertag

Miniatures: Blue Mist, Cricri, Little Eskimo, Little Flirt

Climbers: Cocktail, Golden Showers, Marechal Niel, Pinata, Climbing Crimson Glory

Ready Reckoner for varieties

Category Varieties
Low maintenance Pink Knockout, Pusa Ajay, Pusa Gaurav, Rose Sherbet, Pusa Virangana
Striped varieties Anvil Sparks, Careless Love, Pusa Abhishek, Harry Wheatcroft, Chitra
Fragrance Rose Sherbet, Raktima, Anurag, Jawahar, Double Delight, Sugandha, Papa Mielland, Christian Dior, Sweet Afton, Oklahoma, Blue Moon, Perfume Delight, Bonne Nuit, Eiffel Tower, Karen Blixen, Mister Lincoln, Midas Touch, Memorial Day
Thornless varieties Pusa Mohit and Pusa Komal
Red coloured varieties Pusa Arun, Nehru Centenary, Happiness, Konrad Henkel, Jantar Mantar, Raktagandha, Raktima, Bhim, Pusa Bahadur
Pink coloured varieties Pusa Ajay, Pusa Gaurav, Dr. B. P. Pal, Dr. Benjamin Pal Haseena, Queen Elizabeth, Pink Parfait, Century Two, Eiffel Tower, Jadis, Pusa Garima, Pusa Priya, Haseena, Pusa Baramasi, Sadabahar
Orange Sailoz Mookherjea, Suryakiran, Angelique
Chocolate/brown coloured varieties Mohini, Hot Cocoa
Apricot coloured varieties Doris Tysterman, Dr. Bharat Ram, Brandy
Yellow coloured varieties Gold Medal, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Maid of Honour, Pusa Pitamber, Ganga
White coloured varieties Frau Karl Druschki, Sweet Afton, Louisiana, John F. Kennedy, Mridula, Mother Teresa, Jawahar, Navneet, Karen Blixen
Dark red/maroon coloured varieties Bonne Nuit, Oklahoma, Papa Mielland, Dr. S. S. Bhatnagar, Dark Lady
Light mauve coloured varieties Anurag, Manmatha, Neelambari, Blue Moon, Mauve Melody, Purple Cloud, Paradise
Bicoloured roses Surkhab, Love, Chingari, Shreyasi

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