Stevia rebaudiana also known as honey herb or sweet herb is a native plant of Paraguay. The Guarani Indians used this herb for centuries as a medicinal and sweetener plant. Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family. Today, Stevia rebaudiana is grown and used worldwide. The main varieties are Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and Stevia rebaudiana Criolla. The glycosides in its leaves, including up to 10% Stevioside, account for its incredible sweetness, making it unique among the nearly 300 species of Stevia plants.
For the last several years, many farmers have been growing their fruits and vegetables with a powerful and effective fertilizer formulated from the leaves and stems of the stevia plant. The leaves and stalk of Stevia enhance the vital and resistant powers of plants, trees and crops and which accelerate the growth of the roots of plants, trees, and crops. The Stevia powder or liquid extract applied to the plants and/or to the soil in which the crops are cultivated.
The mixture of the plant tissues of the leaves and stalk of Stevia has found to have the following effects when applied to the soil:

(1) It makes the taste of the crops last longer;
(2) Even when fertilizer is excessively applied, the plants, trees, and crops absorb only the required quantity of the mixture and grow without any problem;
(3) It makes the plants, trees, and crops more resistant to harmful microbes contained in the soil;
(4) It accelerates the growth of roots;
(5) It proliferate the useful microbes contained in the soil;
(6) It prevents problems generally associated with repeated cultivation;
(7) It prevents fruits from falling off the trees before the harvest;

By spreading the stevia plant tissues in any form on the soil shows the following advantages,
1. The vital period of the plants are extended & their rooting is promoted
2. Even in case of excessive fertilizer by mistake, the plants cause no growth troubles by taking just enough quantity of the fertilizer
3. Resistance to microbes living in soil and harmful to them is imparted thereto fruits dropping is prevented in fruit trees
4. These crops are noticeably tastier, more fragrant, have a higher sugar and nutrient value and remain fresher longer.
5. It accelerates propagation of useful microorganism, thus growing fatigue or aging of the crop are prevented, and natural sweetness is increased
5. Additionally, this plant food also prevents and cures plant diseases, dissolves agrochemicals in the soil, increases their harvest, and makes the plants more resistant to frost and strong winds.
When used with other composting materials, such as manure and kitchen refuse, it greatly accelerates fermentation without noxious fumes, producing high-quality organic manure in less than 3 months. I recommend the farmers to use stevia plant as a fertilizer and increase the productivity of the crops.

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