Screening of bacteria producing amylase and its immobilization: a selective approach

Bacillus sp produce amylase, so a selective approach was made to ease the screening of such stains from soil. Attempt was made to enhance the product by whole cell immobilization.

Experiment-1: Preparation of standard curve of Maltose

Theory: Maltose is a disaccharide made up of two subunits of glucose monomers. Maltose is a reducing sugar.

Constructing a standard curve graph for maltose helps us to estimate concentration of reducing sugars present in an unknown sample and for determining the activity of amylase enzyme in forthcoming experiments. The standard curve for maltose is usually constructed using 3, 5-Dinitro salicylic acid (DNS) as the reagent.

Maltose reduces the pale yellow coloured alkaline 3, 5-Dinitro salicylic acid (DNS) to the orange- red coloured, 3 amino, 5 nitro Preparation of reagent:

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