Universal Detection Technology brings the life sciences and security together. It works for the safety of people and designs such devices which help to detect various harmful substances in the atmosphere. It provides the early warning devices to the government, commercial companies and defense sectors. It does not only make devices which detect germs from the environment but also provides devices which are helpful in bomb detection and bioterrorism. Following are the detection devices which are designed by Universal Detection Technology.

Anthrax Detection Device:-
Anthrax detection device is developed by Universal Detection technology which detects the Bacterial Spores. It is designed in collaboration with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Features of the Device:-
Following are the features of this Device:-

1) It has single detection capabilities.
2) The device gives results of the sample in a very little time that is 3 minutes.
3) There s no need of electronic readers in the device and additional collection kits are also not needed.
4) Anthrax detection device has excellent detection capabilities. It moves everywhere near the crowded area and siren starts ringing when it detects the concentration of Bacterial spores in the air.
5) The plus point of the device is that it is only able to detect the bacterial spores in the air; it does not affect other bacterial strains like Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus globigii.
6) The Anthrax Detection Device does not harm the household things like flour, yeast, sugar etc.

How the device works:-
Anthrax detection device works in the following way;

1) First continuous air samples are taken.
2) These samples are heated.
3) Heating allows the spores to release a chemical which is called as dipicolinic. This chemical is unique to bacterial spores.
4) The acid with a sensor reaches in the detector where it produces an intense green luminescence under the ultraviolet light.
5) The concentration of the sample of spores will determine that how much is the intensity of illuminescence.

Toxic Mold Detection Device:-
Universal detection technology which provides the devices designed for the safety of the people. They protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious threats to their health. They have designed another device which detects three major harmful mold species such as penicillin, stachybotrys and Aspergillus. These toxins are usually available at such places which are rich with humidity and are also present in the damaged homes. They are the cause of various harmful diseases in humans.

Features of the Device:-
The device contains following special features;

1) The device makes separate detection of the molds penicillin and Aspergillus from Stachybotrys.
2) It gives accurate results within a very short period of time that is fifteen minutes.
3) The detection device detects the spores below 100,000 spores per ml.
4) The device does not harm other strains of the molds except these three strains.
5) It does not harm the household substances like flour, bread and yeast.
6) It has 2 years shelf life.
7) There are separate pouches for each test and the test is packaged in a vapor locked pouch.

Most harmful mold which is found in the home is called as the black variety. It is a slimy greenish black substance which is usually found in the damp places like moist areas of wall, floors and ceilings. It reproduces rapidly and is mostly found in those houses which have been affected by floods.

The device is designed for mold detection is based on the immunochromatographic assays technology. It is also called as rapid test or hand held assay. The same technology has been used in the detection f biowarfare agents like, botulinum, ricin toxin and anthrax. This device is commonly used by Hazmat teams and military.

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