Biochemistry analyzers are the instruments which are used in the medical field to measure the chemicals. These chemicals are used in various biological processes at different stages.


1) Biochemistry analyzers are used not only in the medical field but also used for the research purposes, in pharmaceutical industries and diagnosis of various diseases.

2) It is the field of biochemistry which takes care of the chemicals used in many cellular processes. It uses an instrument that is biochemistry analyzer for the purpose of analysis and is also helpful in detecting ad determining various functions of biomolecules within the cells. The structure of a biomolecules can also be determined by using this device. Nucleic acids are also included in biomolecules.

3) The purpose of biochemistry analyzer is to use it during the reaction which occurs in the cells by the enzymes. For example, protein synthesis, cellular metabolism, genetics and pharmaceuticals, all these applications make use of biochemistry analyzer for the determination of chemicals. It has uses in the medical field to diagnose and treat diseases.

4) Automation is a technique which uses control systems like numerical and programs to analyze any reaction. It was very time consuming when the chemical reactions or any other reactions would have been analyzed manually. Now biochemistry analyzer has made it possible to determine and analyze biological processes and other chemical reactions within less time. These analyzers enable the scientists to measure the concentration of any substance in a reaction mixture.

5) Biochemistry analyzer makes sure the safety of the scientists and laboratory instruments. It is very safe to use and does not have any harmful effects.

6) The most useful purpose of biochemistry analyzer is in the medical field. As they are safe to use, so in hospital laboratories, biochemistry analyzers are used to perform many tests like, sugar level test, albumin test and it is also useful in the analysis of enzyme or creatine level in the blood.

7) There are some types of biochemistry analyzers which are used in the clinics to determine the relationship of antibody and antigen in the biological reactions.

8) Some biochemistry analyzers are used to detect the DNA molecules in the samples. Labeling of DNA molecule can also be done using biochemistry analyzer. Other applications of these analyzers are in the field of life sciences and drug development.

Categories of Biochemistry Analyzers:-
There are three categories in which biochemistry analyzers are classified.

The wet type Analyzer:-
In this type of biochemistry analyzer, the sample, whether biological or other, is mixed with the chemical reaction. When the mixture is ready for the reaction then by using a calorimeter or spectrophotometer, the change of the color is observed.

Biosensors are the type of biochemistry analyzers which are used to determine the concentrations of chemical substances in a biological process. It has its applications in the medical field in which it uses an enzyme glucose oxidase to break the level of glucose in blood. It is also used in the environment to analyze the contaminants in water or pollutants in the environment.

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