Biomimicry is a new-fangled concept in the field of biotechnology. Biomimicry is a Greek word bios, meaning life, and mimicry, meaning imitation. In 1997, Janine Beny commercialized Biomimicry in her book "Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature". She defined Biomimicry in her book as a "new science that studies nature's models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems". If we talk about nature, humans always considered nature for creativeness to solve their problems. Biomimicry studies nature's best notions, models and trying to mimics these designs or schemes to elucidate human faults.

"Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature. Everything is made of hidden stuff" said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Today humans are trying to find natures power to invent something better that fulfills humans need. For example, to formulate a better solar cell we have to study a leaf. As we know that lotus leaf refers to very high water repellency and dirt, it has self-cleaning properties due to their high surface tension. One of the best and successful design has been made for the coating of buildings that parodists the structure of lotus. Therefore, the building washes itself whenever it rains.

Another example is a shark, swimmers wearing swimsuit textured like the skin of a shark, which allows swimmers to begin breaking speed records. Here, shark is like a teacher or guider step for engineers and designers that guides each and every one at every step.

Nature inspires everyone for its beauty, humans have always inspired by its beauty, though nature has already solved many problems that humans are facing with. But humans want to make world functions same as the natural world. "Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly" said Joseph Addison. So everything that has created on earth has its purpose, nothing useless created on earth.

Biomimicry, a novel science, studies about nature's models, then measures its principles and then mentor human problems. To enhance engineering products and systems, Biomimicry has provided design methodologies and techniques.

Nature as model: studies nature's models and then follows these methods, process, systems, and strategies to solve human problems. For example, leaf is used as a model to harness energy.

Nature as measure: Biomimicry uses a biological standard to judge the sustainability of our novelties. Humans have learned by nature that what works and what lasts on earth.

Nature as mentor: Biomimicry is an emerging way of broadcasting and valuing nature. It doesn't only depend on what we invented from natural world, but what we can learn from it. "Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels" said by Luigi Pirandello.

In earlier times, birds had been used to assist human flights for creating "flying machines" it was an example of biomimicry, but never successful in creating "flying machine". Leonardo da Vinci at that time was a great observer, he had observed the anatomy of birds deeply and flight of birds, and he made different copious sketches of "flying machines". The Wright Brothers in 1903 that had taken observations from pigeon's flight and finally did succeed in creating and flying the first airplane".


The ultimate goal of Biomimicry is to follow the nature's principles and invention of something according to that principle. "You can think about almost anything humans are trying to do, and nature has a similar challenge," said Dayna Baumeister. The universe is so beautiful and big, everything on this universe has its purpose, and we just have to find that purpose to overcome our problems that we are facing today. Nature has provided us big challenge to make the things like natural world, the nature has perfection but there are always errors in world functions.

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