The quest to understand life and life processes has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. The day man learned to trust his senses there have been significant questions in his mind starting from his origin. These unsolved mysterious questions led to the emergence of a new branch of science called Biology, which literally means "the study of life" and it has been a subject of wide variety of research since its inception. Thus biology as a career proves to be an interesting challenge to the individual who are always in a quest to find answers to the mysteries of a better life on Earth.
Students taking up Biology as a subject during their school and college career can aspire beyond the conventional degree of MBBS which was perceived as the only means of sustenance until a few years ago. Today Biology as a career has surpassed its conventional fields of Physicians, Dentists, Teachers, Botanists, Zoologists and plain laboratory technicians to the highly intriguing modern fields of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Forensic Sciences, Molecular Ecology, along with rejuvenating the conventional fields of Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anthropology, Meteorology and Horticulturist. Such is the prospect associated with research and development in the field of biology that pharmaceutical and engineering companies collaborate and invest huge sums of money in this lucrative sector.

The unraveling of the human chromosomal puzzle by the Human Genome Project which initiated in 1998 and got completed in 2003 has opened new avenues in the field of Molecular Medicine and has thrown light for a better understanding of the different aspects and phenomenon involved in human evolution. Thanks to the combined efforts of Geneticists, Bioengineers and Molecular Biologists; development of new drugs with greater efficacy, search for newer vaccines for incurable diseases like AIDS and cancer has progressed by leaps and bounds thus garnering the interests of the intellectual as well as the business strata of the society. Through collaborations between prospective fields like Bioengineering, Medicine and pharmacology research is now being undertaken to develop new procedures to deliver drugs for treatment of specific parts of the body in order to ensure faster recovery of patients without the requirement of any major surgery.

Biomechanics has a huge potential in the development of prosthetics or orthotics and thus enabling the physically deformed or challenged people carry out their normal day-to-day activities with much ease. Students can choose the Agricultural Science & Genetic Engineering as a means to solve as well as eradicate the problem of hunger which affects nearly half the human population, by creating hybrid and genetically safe crops. This subsequently creates another career front; the requirement of Biological Quality Standard Experts and Food Inspectors who asses the quality of a variety of food products which are being released into the market and to ensure that the public is spared from spurious drugs permeating out ecosystem today.

With the increase in awareness about pollution and increasing population the Ecologists have gained profound importance in today's society trying to maintain a balance between man and his environment constituting plants and animals. Thus Botanists & Zoologists collaborate to make this earth a better place to live in. Students having an interest for Biology as well as photography can undertake Wildlife Photography as a career option.

A keen acumen for the law and an interest; answering the questions relating to crime by using the tools of biology and making the dead talk, warrants a student of biology to undertake Forensic Medicine as his preferred occupation. This is a highly emerging field which is very promising for a student wishing for an adventurous life with the tools of biology.

The increasing radiation levels in world today! It is due to the variety of wireless devices necessitates the need of a Radiologist who is again a student of biology. By implementing safety standards in nuclear plants, using radio diagnostic techniques for therapeutic purposes they can benefit the medical and research sector jointly.

The ultimate aim of a student choosing Biology as a career thus encompasses means to improve the quality of life on the face of our Earth. The options before him are endless and the fruits of labor are always sweet. Thus in order to preserve life we must first learn the secrets of life through the indispensable tool called Biology.

About Author / Additional Info:
Maitree Baral holds Masters in Bioinformatics and shows profound interest in sharing discussing various biology related issues.