Genetics is the fastest-growing field in the world. According to the statistics each year jobs in genetics field grow by 14%. Genetics play important role in fields like forensics and biotechnology.

Forensic Scientist:

Forensic scientist play very important role in identifying genetic information regarding the criminals or suspects. They can identify a criminal using a small amount of biological sample like blood, semen. Forensic scientist specializes in DNA fingerprinting.

Genetic Counsellor:

Genetic counsellor works with the patient or relatives with the risk of hereditary disorders, counselling them on risks and effects of the genetic disorder. Genetic counsellor must be trained in both genetics as well as psychology.

Genetic counsellor informs the people about the pattern of genetic disorder transmission and also the probabilities of phenotypic expression of these disorders. They also help the couple with family planning so that they will help in diminishing the possibility of passing genetic disorder to their offspring.

Molecular Genetic Clinical Lab Scientist:

Molecular genetic clinical lab scientist mainly works on the research that uses the techniques such as gene therapy, DNA sequencing, gene mapping and basic forensic medicine. Molecular genetic scientists play a very important role in genetic industry as they handle very basic and crucial genetic research.


A biotechnician job mainly involves using techniques related to genetic engineering. Biotechnician should be well versed in the subjects such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, micro biology, and also basic information technology. Biotechnician mainly associated with improving medical techniques or improving plants, microorganisms in such a way that they are more beneficial to the mankind.

Biotechnician are required in most of the research projects conducted in the laboratory. Therefore biotechnician can be employed by research facilities, hospitals, environmental companies, manufacturing companies, agriculture as well as pharmaceutical sectors.

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