Pharmacology is the science which studies the actions of therapeutics drugs in the human body. It also deals with the development of drugs and the way they are tested on animals. Drugs can be developed either through animal or plant sources or by combining certain chemicals together. Scientists also see the effects of drugs on the human body under this science.

Function of the pharmacologist is to see that how the drug effects the body. Sometimes, there is possibility that the drug may cause side effects. Then pharmacologist sees that which other should be given to remove the side effects of the required drug. Pharmacologist develops those drugs which are used to treat human and animal diseases. it is also necessary for the pharmacologist to arrange biological tests to see the effects of the desired drug in the humans and animals. These biological tests take place at the molecular, cellular or at tissue level. Some tests take place in the whole animal. When they get the confirmation that the drug is being accepted by the immune system and is not causing any side effects then it is manufactured and sent to the market.

To become a pharmacologist, it is necessary to have degree in pharmacology or in the related fields like biochemistry, pharmacy, physiology and biology. The knowledge of the field is necessary because then the person will easily be able to make drugs or assist any senior in the drug development process. They should also know that what factors cause the diseases and how the body responds to these diseases. Then they notice that if the disease is administered in the body, in what way it reacts in the body.

Scientific background:-
If a person is interested to get job in this field then they should have scientific background and should have the knowledge of their field. If a person has done internships in some laboratories then he will be highly recommended for the job. They should have complete knowledge of diseases and should have knowledge of developments which are being made in the medical and healthcare sectors. When a pharmacologist develops any drug, he should accurately measure all the chemicals and should keep the record of the drug efficiently. If the concentration of any chemical exceeds the limited mount, then there will be difficulty in development of drug.

UK offers handsome amount of pay to the pharmacologist. Starting pay of a pharmacologist in UK is 18000 pounds to 24000 pounds depending on the post of the person. People who are PhD are higher chances of getting job in the research field and they will get up to 30,000 pounds per year.

Working Hours:-
Usually a pharmacologist works for 37 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Sometimes during the research, additional hours are also required. The work of the pharmacologist is usually in the laboratory under sterilized conditions. They use animals for the experimental purposes. When any type of radiations is used for the development of any drug then precautionary measures should be taken.

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