Computer forensics is an upcoming addition to the career option. Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science which deals with the legal evidences found in digital storage media such as computers. Computer forensic is also called as digital forensics.
The job of a computer forensics is to solve the crimes can range from solving a crime against children to recovering damaged file from the digital artifact. The digital artefacts include a computer system, storage medium like hard disc or DVD, or an e-mail.
Computer forensics also has branches like network forensics, database forensics, mobile device forensics and also as firewall forensics.

Computer Forensic Job Opportunities:

1. Computer forensic techniques are used in legal cases to analyze computer of defendants or litigates.
2. Computer forensic techniques are also used to retrieve the data after software failure.
3. Organization can gather information against an employee by the help of computer forensics.
4. Computer forensic experts can also work as consultants, financial sector, and academic or also can work with private investigators.

Computer Forensic Career:

To get jobs in the field of computer forensics one has to enrol into the certification courses which gives training in incident management, investigation management, detection. A degree in computer forensic or information system security or cyber crime is a must for government jobs. Universities like the American Intercontinental University online, Kaplan University give training in computer forensics and also related fields.

Computer Forensics Salary:

According to 2009 survey - Entry level with less than one year experience computer forensic investigator can earn around $52,000annually. Those with one to four years experience can earn between $40,911 and $71,157. Those with more than 10years of experience can earn between $65000 and $110,723.

Computer forensic jobs are suitable for the ones who enjoy dealing with problems and also solving these problems, have an eye for details and work with numbers. To succeed in the field known as computer forensics you need to be hardworking, careful, and precise in your all works.

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