Whenever we think about any field related to biotechnology, we always think of people wearing white overcoats and working in the laboratory, playing with cells, genes and DNA and other molecules and developing new drugs which can fight against diseases. But like many other fields of science, biotechnology is also very vast. It not only deals with the laboratory work but also the other employment such as sales and marketing and research area. Biotechnology does not end anywhere; it is flourishing day by day and giving career opportunities to many people.
Whenever a person wants to get job in biotechnology field, he or she must keep some points in his/her mind.
Education is the most important thing to pursue career in biotech. It also varies from person to person, like if an individual is interested in research work, he should have at least doctorate degree. The intellectual talent of the person also counts. Education also depends on the position of the individual. If an individual is in sales sector, then he/she should have some knowledge of business also along with the biotechnology education. Same is the case with the management sector. There are other areas of career in biotechnology like quality control, information technology and manufacturing. People who are interested in doing such kind of jobs, they should at least have a four years bachelor degree. No matter how much education you get, if you do not have training in your field, you cannot perform your duty efficiently. Without the knowledge of the field, it is almost impossible to do the job.
If an individual is interested in adopting the field of biotechnology as a career, he must be well rounded about everything. He should have the knowledge of basic math, work study and should have the knowledge of field by doing internships. He should be well informed about the basic requirements of the job and it is the most important thing. The person's communication skills should be strong enough that when he has to present anything, he should do it with courage and confidence. It is in the favor of the individual that he should be connected with his senior professionals, so that when he faces some challenge, he should take some advice from them.
To be well informed about his field, a person should get himself well informed by reading newspapers, journals or research papers and should also get information through internet.
To pursue career in the research field, it is necessary to have doctoral degree and an individual must know other fields of science also like biochemistry, molecular biology. Individual should have the full knowledge of genes and DNA and about the micro-organisms. How the micro-organisms affect the human body and the environment, this should also be known.

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