Einstein rightly said "imagination is more powerful than knowledge". Today the innovation in science is spreading its arms like the way universe is spreading since big bang. Few 100 years ago man imagined flying in sky and today it is happening. Today he can fly in sky for days, months and years with aero plane, rockets, space labs etc. There are thousands of such examples were science has made miracles and made imagination a reality. Today you imagine something and will see that tomorrow or soon innovation in science will make it reality. What is required in today's scientific world is the vision, the imagination to innovate rest the technology and knowledge will take care.

One such branch of science is microbiology which has made many imaginations a reality. The innovations in this field has given the ability to human being to see tiny invisible organisms of unbelievable size less than 0.2 micron or even less and to study every detail of it. The scope of microbiology is immense due to its ability to control all critical points of many fields like Medical, Diary, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Clinical, research, water industry, agriculture, nanotechnology, chemical etc.

It is true that career in microbiology is great due to its vast scope but at the same time, this is not sufficient and what is further required to have great career in microbiology is a new dimension to the thinking, new dimension to the education system, and new dimension to the way the knowledge of microbiology is applied. Today education is considered as a way of earning money in life through jobs. From our school days it is being taught and our mind set is being made to have a good job after education. Our first aim after education is getting a white collar job through campus interview or any other mean. Is it really making sense to just get a good job with education, is it only meaning of today's education? The answer is of course not. There is a need to change the mind sets and to change the education system such that it should teach us to innovate, should teach us to imagine & to establish with our own knowledge and education beyond a mean to earn just for livelihood.

With new dimension of thinking , today microbiologist can easily innovate new diagnostic kits (e.g. Pathogen detecting, antigen detecting, receptor detecting etc), can discover new drugs with antibiotic sensitivity tests, zone of inhibitions etc., Can isolate unique species from mountains , strange areas, extreme conditions, who know you may find antibiotic properties in many of them. Hundreds of such enzyme properties, antibiotic properties within microorganisms are being detected daily and are applied in various medical, fermentation industries and in developing new products for well being of human life. Microbiologist can apply for patents for their small-big innovations and can even sell them for million dollars, can develop their own small or big clinical laboratory, Can develop their own dairy, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural institutes and industries simply with knowledge of applied microbiology. Who knows your imagination of isolating organisms from extreme condition can give new drugs for today's burning issues and diseases and can save thousands of patients life's all over the world. Today microbiologists are required in top organizations like NASA for identification of any life form for their various missions like the recent Mars curiosity mission and many more. The scope is immense; just what is needed is right application of knowledge. With such a scope in microbiology what today's students, professionals need is just a change of their mindsets , a change in their imagination , a thinking beyond circle, rest as mentioned earlier, knowledge and technology will take care to make them successful. Job is a way to apply knowledge but innovation and imagination is a way to destination and Einstein rightly said that "imagination is more powerful than knowledge".

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