A pharmacist is a health practitioner who dispenses drugs prescribed by the doctors. He has the knowledge of medicine and pharmacy together to give information to his customers about the medicines and against which disease they are used, also their side affects and hazards. He has also has full knowledge of using the computer and keeps records of the drugs which patients use and he also keeps medical profiles of the patients so that patient does not get confused in using the drug and does not combine one drug with the other. It is the duty of the pharmacist to get involved with the patient and make him understand the prescriptions and also with the practitioners to help them in prescribing the right drug.

To become a pharmacist, it is necessary for an individual to have six years of education along with high school education. When the students complete their school degree, they start a four year program which results in the degree of pharmacy. To enter in the degree of pharmacy there are some basic requirements of the courses like natural and social sciences, and mathematics. Almost all the colleges take pharmacy tests before giving admission to the students. It is also encouraged if the students want to pursue their studies and want to get Master's or Doctorate degree.

When the training of a pharmacist starts, before that the students should have a degree in Pharm. D from a recognized college. In this degree, students are taught about different drugs, drug therapies and most of all they are taught that how to communicate with the people and how to make them understand about a particular drug. They are also trained in professional ethics, public health and business management. Along with the training in the classrooms by professors, they also spend time with professional pharmacists in their practice. These professionals have appropriate license.

Some of the students who earn Pharm D degree, they also get further training of 1 to 2 years in residency programs and fellowships. If the students do pharmacy residencies, they also have to complete a research project to earn the complete degree of a pharmacist. If the students do pharmacy fellowships, they study highly advanced programs, so that they can work in clinics or research laboratories. There are some pharmacists who own their own pharmacy shops; they earn a degree in business administration and public administration so that they can easily handle the customers.

Before starting job as a pharmacist, a person must have a pharmacy license. To get this license, he first earns a degree in Pharm D from a recognized college. After getting the degree, the person passes through a series of other examinations. In some states of Columbia, the people who have done Pharm D, before giving license to them, their age is checked and some states even check the criminal background.

An experienced pharmacist can earn about 100,000$ in a year. The people who have an experience of one to four years in pharmacy, their annual salary is between 85000$ to 115000 dollars. In some cases, the salary of the pharmacists also depends on the qualifications and work experience. Location of the job is also important for good salary. For example, people who do their jobs in metropolitan cities, they are more likely to get higher salaries because of the high standard life styles and higher rents. Higher the degree greater will be the salary of a pharmacist. If a pharmacist is more experienced in his field, he will definitely get good salary.

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