Job of a Toxicologist:

Toxicologist helps in understanding the effect of some chemicals and other compounds on human body. This is achieved by doing some experiments and tests using these compounds and chemicals. To become a toxicologist one must have a thorough knowledge of biology.

Toxicologists conduct many experiments to understand the effects of food, cosmetics and other substances on human body. Toxicologists do all these experiments to find out the potential pollutant, which may be present in any of these substances, which may be dangerous to the human life.

Toxicologists can work in a research institute, or in a company, or can work in a government body or can take up teaching. Toxicologists have a great demand in this health conscious society. Toxicologists give information related to the substances like food, cosmetics, chemicals or other substances which are safe of human beings and also to other living organisms, like animals. Toxicologists help the company in understanding the effects of substances which they are producing or marketing on human body and human life. Toxicologists help in providing safe food, cosmetics or any chemicals to the humans.

Required Training and Education:

To work as a lead toxicologist, it is important to have at least a master's degree. The master's degree in a science field like biology or chemistry is preferred as toxicology deals with these branches of science. Individuals with bachelor's degree can also work in toxicology field in supporting roles.

Further certification or education is not required to become a toxicologist. As the society becomes more and more health conscious, toxicologists should understand and know about the new information and techniques used in toxicology field.

Working in a research institute and understanding the process of how toxicology field works or working as assistant to a lead toxicologist can help in gaining relevant knowledge and experience; this will increase the chances of being hired by corporate companies as toxicologist.

Job Prospective and Career Development:

Toxicologist is in great demand, as society or people are becoming more and more health conscious, and they want to lead a healthy life. This increases the need for toxicologists who can study about the toxins or prospective toxins. More and more companies are hiring toxicologists to understand the nature and effect of the products, which these companies want to, sell in the market. With the need to label the product with its ingredients such as food or cosmetics, need for toxicologists are increasing.
Toxicologists can work as consultants in the companies which deal with the food, chemical or cosmetic products. Toxicologists have the potential market to grow in a society, which offers very different ways and roles.

Working Environment:

Toxicologist can work as a researcher in a laboratory, or can work as a teacher where majority of the time is spend in a classroom. Toxicologists, who work as consultants, may need to travel to represent their company or clients in meetings.


Salary of a toxicologist may vary between $55,537 to $81,338, based on location, experience and also the type of job. Toxicologists with more experience get higher annual salary.

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