The Apple iPad is currently leading the Tablet PC market. Recently, a report was released that states the iPad outsells tablets running Android two to one. Microsoft wants to join the congested market and challenge the iPad, by bringing to the market its very own family of PC Tablets. The company has announced the Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet, which will run Windows RT or Windows 8. Can Surface Tablets compete with the wildly popular iPad? Hard to guess at this point. Instead, we are able to review the benefits of each device.

Microsoft Surface has the following items over the popular iPad:

- It can run Windows 8 Pro. The pro version of the MS Surface can run the same programs that can be used on desktop PCs. This is a big advantage for Windows Tablets.

- Expansion Slots and Ports: MS Surface comes with USB ports and SD card slots. The iPad doesn't include these benefits. we have to wonder why all PC Tablets don't come with these features.

- A cover/keyboard: The Touch Cover is a great tablet cover that also functions as a keyboard and trackpad.Touch Cover allows you to use the Surface as a tablet or as a full fledge laptop. We expect someone to develop cover/keyboard accessory for the Apple iPad at some point.

- Adobe Flash: While it hasn't been officially announced, MS Surface Tablets should support Adobe Flash. This would permit Microsoft Surface to see flash videos and ads, sites developed with flash, and flash games. The Apple iPad does not run Adobe Flash.

The iPad also has benefits that supersede the Microsoft Surface (see the following):

- Great Developer Support: Apple's iPad has tons of available tablet specific applications. Developer support for the Apple iPad is still magnitudes higher than that of other mobile platforms, including Android Tablets. While the Microsoft Surface Pro can be able to run Windows software, these apps may not always be touch friendly.

- Mind Share: Consumers think that products by Apple are simpler to use than products by Microsoft. It may be a huge task for MS to challenge the Apple iPad. The company will have to persuade consumers to select Surface Tablets over the iPad.

- Cost: In order for the Surface Tablet to challenge the iPad, the company will need to price the Surface within reach of the current price of the iPad. The public may not want to spend more than the iPad.

Will Surface Tablets outsell the wildly popular iPad? Can't say for certain at this time. Microsft needs to be certain to obtain tablet friendly app developer support that will result in compelling Microsoft Surface Apps. MS also needs to make sure that the price of the Surface Tablets is in range with the cost of the Apple iPad. If Microsoft make a compelling device, then MS has a solid chance to challenge the iPad.

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