Sustainable Conservation Practices for Natural Resources

Authors: Rajdeep Mundiyara1, Prem Kumar[sup]2[/sup] and Mamta Bajya[sup]3[/sup]
1Seed Officer, Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation,Mandore, Jodhpure
2 Department of Plant Philology, Jobner
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Land and water are the most precious natural resources, the importance of which in human civilization needs no elaboration. The total geographical area of our country is 329 mha. Due to urbanization, industrialization and burgeoning population, the per capita land availability is shrinking day by day. Only 2.5% of the total global water is fresh water and most of them are stored as snow, glacier and deep underground water and only 0.40% the fresh water is available in surface and atmosphere. Thus, there is an urgent need of judicious and rational use of natural resources so that it may be available to the future generations.

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