Nanotechnology is one such field which is able to prepare the nanometer sized objects which in turn engineerd the nanoscale particles and their application towards human mankind. It has ability to control atoms and build molecules at extremely nanoscales and diversified into tremendous developments which includes nanobiotechnology, nanorobotics, green nanotechnology and nanoscience for earth and mankind. The bio-informatics is the use of mathematical tools which has been used in sequencing of the genomes, protein profiling, biodiversity assessment and study of evolutionary history. This role of bioinformatics in nanotechnology is called nanolibrary these days. Hence, nanobiotechnology is an integrative combo of biotechnology at nanoscale which is introduced for identification of metabolites related to tumour or other non-traceable health problems. The use of DNA, RNA, proteins and ATP's as building blocks of nanomaterials as DRY-WET technology which has futuristic concepts of nanbiotechnology. Green nanotechnology is also an emerging field of nanotechnology which is involved to produce nanoproducts to maintain sustainable environment and eco-friendly as well.

Potential Use: Integration of both nanotechnology and biotechnology is the drive engine for fuelling to the develop nanoscale objects to prepare the nanolibrary. This nanolibrary can help in building ultimate pathogens which can be identified on the basis of their already existing nucleic acid sequences as informatics library. By this study of human genome is able to block cancer channels to inhibit their nutrition and starve them lead to apoptosis which in turn we can create nanodevices to destroy tumour cells using computational techniques.

Upcoming Issues: There are many related ethical issues which are used to make an attempt for complete shift of all techniques into nanoscale world. It has obviously given rise to concern for health and earth as revolution for human mankind too whether to accept it or not all over the world. Advancement in this technology can solve the medical and healthcare issues for betterment of human mankind as green nanobiotechnology along with the minimizing the use of bio-resources on earth. Hence, Scientists are trying to make out the parallel combination of nanotechnology and bioinformatics and their application in agricultural, food and environmental engineering. This revolutionized combos of nanotechnology and bioinformatics will have potential to cop up upcoming issues of human mankind and earth resources that can actually do wonders to make our world a better place.

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