Today, nanoparticles acquire great place in research, they have been used in many fields. Nano size particles exhibit extremely small size and having large surface area. Different size of particle contains different properties as the size increases. Although their size is very small but they are very effective when compared with the bulk material. Nanoparticles are of different types and exhibit enhanced properties.

Silver nanoparticles have been the subject of interest. They are made of silver particles between 1nm and 100 nm in size. Because of their enormously small size they exhibit different properties. As their size is concerned nanoparticles show diverse effect. Nanopartilces have been used in many areas of research mainly in medicine and electronics; in medicine they are specifically used for the treatment of many diseases, they can be inserted in the body easily.
For example, specific nanoparticles are made to kill only specific cancerous cells in our body which is very useful in treating cancer.

Currently, worked has been carried out on silver nanoparticles which have diverse effects. These silver nanopartilces gaining popularity for treatment of many diseases. Silver nanoparticles have anti-microbial property and used for the elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungus.

For example our skin is a protective barrier against viruses, bacteria, fungus and protects us from any skin disease, if this barrier is busted our body's wound healing process starts repairing. Complex process of wound healing or wound repair is considered in which the skin repairs itself after injury.

Now how silver nanoparticles promote wound healing?

As far as silver is concerned it is said that silver has no known biological effect in our body. It doesn't provide any side effect to our body in other words it is harmless. Because of its anti-microbial activity it promotes wound healing.

If we take an example of bacteria which is harmful as well as beneficial to our body. If they enter the body they start using an enzyme to metabolise oxygen. Now silver nanoparticles when they come into contact they stultify that enzyme and break the take up of oxygen without affecting surrounding tissues.


With the passage of time drug resistance pathogens are increasing and becoming resistant to drug therapies. For this cure should be provided so that one can live healthy life. Silver nanoparticles have specific characteristic that kills all kinds of microorganism. They show no side effect to human body. As we take antibiotics to kill bacteria but they are not completely resistant to all kinds of bacteria. We need a cure that is completely beneficial to our body and have no side effects. We have heard about accidents daily. There must be some useful cure for injuries. Use of silver nanoparticles provides all such benefits.

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